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Memberium and AccessAlly: Let’s Compare the Two – Part 2

This articles is part 2 of a Memberium / AccessAlly review.  Click here to access part 1.


If you visit Memberium's pricing page (see you'll find Memberium's three packages: Standard, Pro and Advanced.  Standard will cost you $47 a month.  That supports a single domain and a single Infusionsoft application.  With that package you can host more than one site as long as they all share the same domain.  So you could have three Memberium membership sites with this single license if you had the following three URLs for those sites:


The Pro version will run you $87 a month.  It supports as many domains as you like all sharing a single Infusionsoft application.  The Pro version includes Umbrella accounts or Parent/Child accounts.  The Advance option gives you the ability to run multiple domains with multiple Infusionsoft accounts.

Memberium Umbrella accounts or Parent/Child accounts is a feature that enables you to build parent members accounts that can manage a set of child accounts.  It provides self-service interfaces for doing that.  For example, it enables you sell a group account with 5 members.  The parent in that group can manage who gets access to the 5 seats sold as part of that offering.  The parent is the only one that pays.  If the parents cancels the account, the child members lose access too.

The Memberium Umbrella or Parent / Child implementation gives you the ability to communicate to all these members.  The parent may be the one that pays for the membership, but you can talk to each member they invited directly.  There's a lot you can do with this to keep them engaged and there is also the ability to sell them on other services assuming your business model supports that.

Since my team and I build Spanish language membership sites, I can vouch for Memberium's multi-language support.  This is a welcomed feature keeping us from having to find solutions for translating membership features.



AccessAlly comes in two flavors. They have the Essentials which runs $82 a month and Pro that runs $108 a month.  Essentials provides membership access features for a single site.  Their license does not extend to multiple sites on a single domain like Memberium's.  You can use Infusionsoft e-commerce with it or take advantage of AccessAlly e-commerce features.  It enables you to take payments using their order forms that can be configured to work with Stripe and PayPal.  It includes interfaces for building trial offers and for creating cart abandonment sequences.  If you select this, you manage your orders in Wordpress using an AccessAlly interface.  This is all native to Wordpress with no dependencies on Infusionsoft e-commerce.

The Essentials includes member directory building features.  With this you can build a user or members directory.  This extends Wordpress user records so you can format them on the site and allow members to search the directory.  As a bonus, they include 5 Wordpress themes you can use to style your site.

AccessAlly Pro at $82 monthly includes all the Essential features plus learning management features.  To compare this feature fairly with Memberium, you would want to compare the Pro with Memberium with LearnDash installed as the Learning Management System (LMS).   It includes a course building wizard for creating courses structure.  The wizard creates Infusionsoft tags for giving access to content either all at once or as an dripped out content.  It provides progress indicators, certificates, quizzes, homework and private notes functionality.  You can also rewards to members for their accomplishments (i.e., sharing content or completing course content) with a built in credit system you can use to display leader boards.

The Pro includes features for tagging members based on how long they have viewed a video.


Final Words

My team and I at Larry Jacob Internet Marketing specialize in Memberium membership sites.  We see a strong demand from customers needing support from a team like ours for Memberium membership site work.  While we don't aggressively market ourselves as AccessAlly builders, we haven't seen a very strong demand for AccessAlly consulting services.  This could just be a  blind spot given our positioning, but I thought it's worth mentioning.  We haven't seen that it has as extensive an install base as Memberium's.

Both are solid platforms with a committed team behind them.  Let me know if you'd like more information to help you select the right platform for your project.