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Memberium Consultant: Advice on Getting Your Online Course from Concept to Selling Profitably

As a Memberium consultant, I get a lot of business owners telling me about a problem that sounds a little like this. They currently service their customers in-person or over Zoom one-on-one. They are now wanting to offer an online course version of what they do.

The reason for this is they are wanting to address these problems:

  • They are capped in the number of hours they can work and can't grow their business.
  • They know many customers who want what they offer, but cannot offer what they do one-on-one at a price these people will pay.
  • They can’t take time off without impacting their income because what they do is so dependent upon them.

The problem they describe to me as their expert Memberium consultant is they don’t know how to convert their great idea into a ready to launch online course. And my definition of that means for a recently launched online course is that you have 10 to 12 customers on your initial launch.

Memberium Consultant Tells You: I Get Your Struggle

As a Memberium consultant that works with a lot of business owners building their online courses, I understand this problem well. You are taking on defining an online course, but this is something they’ve NEVER done before. They know the topic they want to teach well, but they don’t know how to convert their brilliant expertise into a sellable online course. They really want to launch an online course. It’s really important to them, but they are plagued with all this self-doubt and uncertainty from the start.

The process of converting all this into an online course is a complete mystery to them, so they are feeling frustrated. Of course they are. They are feeling doubtful, hopeless and, sometimes even, stupid and incompetent because they haven't been able to crack this nut.

I can’t blame them. They have all this super knowledge that can be a huge benefit to their potential customers. They know customers badly need what they can teach them, but they can only deliver it via one-on-one or in-person training and consulting. It's too expensive. They need a way to get this out in an online course format that doesn’t depend on their being present. They want to teach this so it can be offered inexpensively and so they can have a bigger impact and serve more clients.

I completely understand how this first-time online course builder feels. When I built my first course, I was feeling frustrated and doubtful myself. I was wondering if my brilliant idea for an online course would sell. Would I spend a this time, money and effort into this online course and then it would become shelf ware no one want? So I too felt uncertain and hopeless about releasing my online course.

Memberium Consultant Tells You: What Is a Possible Solution?

My team and I have since worked with many, many business owners since we pivoted our agency to only build membership and online courses in 2016. We have since worked with many business owners from initial course idea to launched, publishing and selling online course as efficiently as possible a whole bunch of times..

How do we go about doing that? We work with them following a 3-step process any business owner can get it done in 6 weeks taking no more than 2 to 3 hours a week. The focus of the program is to help you:

  1. Learn What Your Customer’s Really Want
  2. Define an Offer Your Customers Will Buy
  3. Sell Version One of Your Online Course

This is very clear, concise, easy-to-follow, step-by-step process any business owner can follow regardless of their marketing and technology skills.

If you visit our Breakthrough Course Selling System page at you can see how to sign up for our program. You can even sign up for our free trial which gets you the first three lessons from the program at no charge. That gets you a real taste of the program so you can decide if the program is right for you.

The program takes business owners from where they are today to a launched initial version of their online course with 10 to 12 paying customers.

This is a much better approach compared to the time-consuming trial and error methods we've seen so many business owners use to get your online course out.  It will save you a lot of time, frustration and display and enable you to launch your online course in just 6 weeks.