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Memberium & LearnDash: Let’s Watch Student Progress Precisely

Memberium and LearnDash are perfect for closely monitoring your members and taking action for keeping members moving through your e-learning program.  Together these two give you the tools.  With them you can identify members that are stuck, overwhelmed by your content and not making progress.  With the marketing automation Infusionsoft provides, you can then take action and improve e-learning completion rates.  These are key for maximizing results in a recurring revenue e-learning membership site.

One of the benefits you get from using Memberium and LearnDash together is the ability to have people complete a course or a lesson or a section of a lesson (what LearnDash calls topics) and have Infusionsoft take action.   Memberium works very nicely with LearnDash to do that.  If your member marks something complete, let’s say lesson two, you can go and start a series of activities.

Those follow up activities can be anything.   They can be sending the member a message saying, “Hey, congratulations! You just finished this.”  Another thing you can do is set timers in an Infusionsoft campaign.  These timers wait for the member to complete the lesson.  If you’ve got a course made up of ten to twenty lesson and you notice a student has gone through lesson one and they haven’t completed lesson two, you can take action.  Let's say two weeks has gone by and it should only take them a week, you know something’s wrong.

  • The user could have hit a dead end and got stuck.
  • It could be they got busy and isn't working the course.
  • It could be that they got overwhelmed.

In any case, it’s not a good sign if you’ve got a recurring membership where you want to keep your members engaged and making progress.   You've got to take some sore of action if someone is taking too long to get to the end of lesson number two, for example.

LearnDash has a feature that allows you to fire off a tag when a members marks a lesson complete.   You can set up an Infusionsoft campaign with a timer that waits for a member.  If that timer goes offer before the member marks that point in the course complete, you can set a sequence of messages.

You could assign a task to someone on your team to give those people a call. You could send an email or start some sort of message sequence sending information related to the information in that section.

For example, let’s say that you’re teaching a class on basketball.   If heavy dribbling is something you want them learn, you start sending them information related to that dribbling content. The idea is that you’re reminding the student that they’re in the course.  They did just pay for it and you're wanting them to benefit from that decision.  You're complementing what they need to know about that course so that they keep moving along.

Another thing to start highlighting what comes next.  Maybe there’s a lesson with topics you know are tough to learn.  It’s complicated or maybe it’s just a concept that’s dry.  You start highlighting what comes next.  You email them something like, “Hey, the information you’re going through right now can be tough. Hang in there because what comes next is exciting, but you cannot make the most of it if you don't get through this first.."

The whole point is, with Memberium and LearnDash together, you have a lot of tools including marketing automation and the process automation that Infusionsoft offers to make the experience that much better.

  • You can wire up your membership site so that you get your members exactly what they need.
  • You get the intelligence, the information that you need, to run your membership program more and more effectively.
  • You update your content so people going through your program are more satisfied.
  • You get rid of all those roadblocks making the learning experience that more positive.

Remember that getting people into the site is really exciting.  Everybody likes the catching members part.  However, if you want to build a business, want the recurring income and want to be able to see ongoing growth of your memberships, you must keep members moving.  The key to that is to watch closely and see what they do every single moment on your site.

Hope this helps.