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Memberium / LearnDash: What Does One Do Versus the Other?

Memberium and LearnDash are a winning combination.  LearnDash was already a good learning management systems (LMS) before it's 3.0 release last summer.  This release took it up a notch in the features its provides for building online learning systems.  Memberium is a best in breed tool for connecting Wordpress with a backend CRM (i.e., Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign) for use in building membership platforms.  What's important to know is that they are two distinct platforms with little overlap.  They complement each other very nicely.

Recently, I've been getting people asking me for Memberium / LearnDash sites as if they were a single solution.  They’re not asking me for a LearnDash project. They’re not asking for a Memberium project.   People new to the platforms see these two products as being fused together even though they’re very distinct things.

Memberium is a Wordpress plugin.  It's main role is to connect Wordpress and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system you are using.  Our team specializes in serving Infusionsoft CRM users, but Memberium does a good job of integrating with ActiveCampaign too.

Memberium take the Wordpress login system and enhances it.  It enables Wordpress to reach out to Infusionsoft to see if the conteact logging in is either a paying member or someone who has opted in to receive content.  It participates in the login process so only members allowed to see the protected content can get in.

  • It keeps your content from getting into the hands of people who haven't purchased it from you.
  • It provides you with as set of short codes for displaying content based on what we know about them in Infusinsoft.
  • It allows you to build login boxes and purchase items using Infusionsoft's e-commerce features.

LearnDash is a Learning Management System (LMS).  LearnDash gives you structure for building online courses.  In their model, a course is made up of lessons that are made up of topics.  You can connect them all up using an easy to use drag and drop interface.  Once configured, LearnDash takes care of the creating menus, navigation bars, progress indicators and it formats the content nicely.

LearnDash allows you, for example, to have five lessons in a course that make up of one cohesive learning unit.  Then use LearnDash's quiz builder to follow that up with a set of questions to confirm your learner understands the content.  You can configure the system to NOT allow the user to proceed until they've passed the quiz with let's say 80%.  It provides some really nice quiz features.

This is a short article giving you an overview of what these tools can do. There is so much more to these and definitely worth exploring if you plan to make use of online courses and membership site features for your business.