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Memberium Membership Sites and 3 Really Simple Sales Tasks They Do Best

A lot of business owners think membership sites are only about delivering content.  It's the platform they use for delivering their online courses and membership programs.  That's not a terrible thing, but they are missing out.

They are treating their website like someone who's disabled that they don't want to push too hard. They are keeping their expectations really low. They aren't lean very hard on the site.  What that means is you have this really great asset and you are NOT getting all you can from it.

Here are three recommendations to get you thinking about ways you can put your membership site to working growing your list of potential clients and and generating more business.

Recommendation 1: Use it to deliver lead magnets

Membership sites are really good for deliver your lead magnet.  When you offer a video, report, white paper or other free give away, get it to the person using your membership site.

You typically deliver lead magnets after the requester fills out a web form.  The person gives you their name and email address. They submit the form. You send them an email with a link to the lead magnet.    They open up the email and click on the link so they can watch the video, download a file, or take some other action to get it.

Here's how a Memberium membership site can do it. They get the same email I just described. Instead of sending them the link the thing they get, you get them an autologin link that logs them into the membership site and lands them on the page where they get the lead magnet.  The flow is exactly the same as before, but now you have your "lead" logged into your membership site.

"Why would I want to do that?"  Because now you have information about the requester you can use to customizing their experience.  You can change what they see when they arrive based on what you know about them.  That enables you to get more creative about promoting yourself to them.

Watch the video down in the next section and see the examples I've recorded.


Recommendation 2: Use the Memberium membership site in your sales funnel

When you send someone to a lead magnet and they are logged into your Memberium membership sites, they think they went their to get the lead magnet. You know they are there so you can sell them.

If you visit your typical membership site, there's a dashboard or a page dedicated to listing out what they member can access. It's a list of their content.  If you were NOT wanting to sell anything, the list would only contain what the member can access.  Since you are wanting to sell them, you now show them all the items they cannot access.

I like designing the dashboard so each accessible item is available as an image.  You display these images using bright colors signaling they are accessible.  Items they cannot access and can buy are displayed with a ghosted image using grey or with an image with a padlock over it.

When you display the images like this, you are temping users to check out something that is unavailable to them.  They can't help but click on it.  When they do, they arrive at your sales page where they learn more about the item and can buy it.

Watch the video below for an example of a typical dashboard.  You'll see the image for a lead magnet along with two items we offer them to buy.  The offers are inexpensive items they cannot access yet and are up for sale.

Recommendation 3: Make sure you Memberium membership site is up-selling and cross-selling

The example above is simple.  It illustrate using your Memberium membership site to give access to your lead magnet and promote you tripwires.

The video that follows shows Nathalie Lussier's 30 Day List Building Challenge which is a great example of membership sites used for delivering a lead magnet.   Because her lead magnet is a 30 day challenge, visitors keep coming back to the membership site daily.  That gives you a chance to make a lot of offers to them.

Notice that the site is selling them, but it's not intrusive. The site is enticing in that it gives member options for determining how to best use the available information.  It offers a questionnaire assessing where you are currently so it can recommend how best to proceed.

Click here if you are interested in seeing the 30 Day List Building Challenge in action for yourself.