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Memberium Parent Child Accounts and Their Many Uses – Part 2

Memberium Parent Child accounts (also called Umbrella accounts) are a big step forward.  They give Infusionsoft features many of our customers have requested, but were difficult and often times impossible to implement.

You can click here for Part one of this three part series.

In part 1, I give  an overview of the series and an explanation of Parent Child accounts so you know exactly what they were built to accomplish.  You can best appreciate what I think this is such a big deal if I explain why they were added.

In Part 1, of this series, I covers the user interface seen by your users.

Part 2 here covers how to configure Memberium and Infusionsoft to get the Parent Child  accounts working.  You will want to view Video 1 before viewing this one.

Video 2

You can click here for part 3.

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