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Memberium Site Features for Keeping Members Engaged – Part 1

So you managed to get people signed up for the awesome content you've produced on Memberium membership site. Time to celebrate, right?

Be careful now.  Getting members to buy into your fabulous Memberium membership content is a big deal.  Don't get me wrong.  Without members, nothing happens.  But you better put as much effort into keeping members engaged on your site as you did selling them.

If you write some good sales copy or produced a good video sales letter, you can get people to excited about signing up.  When they make their purchase, they're onto getting the benefits you promoted in your offer.   Now they've got to take the next step and do some work.  Somehow things change.

As a Memberium membership site owner, you have to work at keeping them interacting with your content and making progress.  Otherwise you will face the following.

  • You'll have members that feel duped.
  • You'll have members that are a little wary about buying anything else from you.
  • You'll have members hesitant to recommending your solution to others.

Here are three ideas we have seen work nicely at addressing these issues.

Idea #1: Closely monitor what your members do

Memberium has super features for watching what your members do.  You know when they log in, how long they stay logged into your membership site and what content most interests them.

In our practice, we tell our customers to closely monitor the progress members make on your site.  You may see members that make a purchase then don't log into Memberium.   You'll see others that login, but don't complete the lessons in your program.  That's not good.

In some cases it will mean your customer bought your offering and is waiting to free up time before they put your content to use.  Even if this is the case, you'll want to watch this sort of behavior closely.  It could be a sign that  your member is not going to be around long.

If you make use of Memberium features to tag members that aren't engaged, you can then execute campaigns to reach out to them, take a survey or maybe even call them proactively to see if you can give them a hand.  These sort of high touch approaches can make a huge difference even if the member does decide to leave.  They'll at least see you working to keep them learning and not just as the person that worked hard a selling them then disappeared.


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