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Memberium Website Designs That Work Much Better Than Others

If you want your Memberium website to gets results for your business, you are going to need to build it right and that involves how you build your current www site and how you build your landing pages.

Here me out.  I'm going to recommend you get yourself two and possibly three different websites.  That combination works best  "Three websites???  Are you crazy?" Yeah!  I get that a lot.

Let me explain.

So every business needs their www site or the primary site you use to promote yourself.  It's where you'll have:

  • an about us page,
  • a contact us page,
  • an explanation of your products and services,
  • team bios,
  • etc.

There will be a lot more depending on what you do and what you offer.

The purpose of this site is to introduce you to the world and enable people to learn about you, your business and what it is you have to offer.  The site is all about education and selling.  It could be a place where you make a "buy" button available for customers to make a purchase.

You should consider having a second site for your landing pages.  I'm a big fan of ThriveThemes that includes a library of opt-in and sales page templates.  If you know Wordpress, it's the perfect place for building them.  Some people make use of tools like Clickfunnels, LeadPages or a number of other tools for that.  Infusionsoft now provides a landing page builder which is another option to consider for this.


You then want your membership site to be site number 3.  I HIGHLY recommend this.  I can't tell you how often I run into customers that are well along in the development of their site and they have built their www and their membership site as one Wordpress install.  There are a lot of technical reasons why building them separate is a good thing.  The main reason I recommend this is because your www site is designed to educate and sell.  All aspects of the site should be focused on that goal.  Your membership site is focused on making content easy to consume for your members and for upselling members on additional products and services.

When you build this on one site, those two set of disjointed goals, conflict.  That makes growing the site and adding content difficult and eventually it won't scale.

Your www site will have a button somewhere that says, "Login" or "Member Login."  That will provide you a link so members can easily login to your membership website. That should land people to where they can immediately log into that site and get to the content they've gotten from you.

We recommend installing your membership website at "members.(your domain).com" or something similar.

Now that I've given you a general overview of our recommendation, watch the video below.  In it, I review several client examples following this model. A pictures worth a 1,000 words so here we go.