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Memberium: Where Is Your Mysterious Invisible Man?

As exciting as membership technology is, you have to understand your numbers.  It's no different than knowing the numbers for your business, your sales funnels, etc.  In this vblog (that means video blog, right?), I cover the impact one membership site owner experienced looking at their numbers closely and taking action.  They saw a DRASTIC improvement in their e-learning program completion rates.

VBlog Transcript: We build a lot of membership programs and one of the things that people always focus on is content. That makes perfect sense. The next thing they’ll focus on is technology and that’s really our space. We specialize in building these membership sites.

Then of course you’ve got to generate traffic so you got to get into sales funnels, lead magnets, all the kind of things that are gonna drive you traffic. One thing I see a lot of people forget or put off or not focus on enough is “Who’s going to the site? How can you tell who’s on the site?”

So there’s this “invisible man syndrome” where:

  • You don’t know how many people are logging in.
  • You don’t know how long people are staying on the site.
  • You don’t know which pages people are visiting.
  • Which parts of the site are being effective.
  • Where are your users engaged and
  • How are they using your site.

Because as important as it is to make the sales and get people there, it’s just as important to make sure they stay there.  You have to make sure they stick around and continue in the program hopefully very satisfied with the content that you’re providing them.

Years ago I went to a Memberium Summit and there was a speaker who was talking about the traffic that they got at a very large membership program.  And what they were seeing is that they had a completion rate of some more like around 20%.  It was relatively low.

So he started looking at their numbers and looking at their logins was extremely important. They noticed that if they could get someone to login, the percentage rate of completion for their program  drastically went up.  It was like from 20% to 35% - 40% percent.  All they needed to do was to get that person to login, because, once they login, they can appreciate the content.  They could see how easy the site was to use. They could realize the site wasn’t overwhelming.  So that was one hurdle.

Now the next thing that they focused on was people completing one of their ten part program. They really struggled with this because they couldn’t get people to finish the first course. So here’s what they did, they hired an intern and the intern’s job was to reach out to everyone who had not finished chapter one one within the first like two weeks or a month. I’m can't remember exactly what the duration was.

On that phone call, all it was designed to do was:

  1. first of all to make sure they were logging in and
  2. second of all to answer any questions to kind of get them rolling.

It wasn’t very complicated because they were paying basically an intern to make phone calls all day long, maybe do screen shares to get people started.  That made a huge leap from 40% to somewhere like 65% - 70%.

So these little steps that you can take to get people to specific milestones can make a massive difference in people’s ability to:

  • consume your information,
  • learn from your content and then
  • not only complete it but be satisfied with completing your program.

This means they’re a good testimonial, they’re a good referral source, they’re a good person to tell people about your program.

So as important as it is to drive traffic, to make sure your technology is set and to make sure that your content is really effective, it is to make sure you understand your numbers.  You have to make sure you have visibility to what’s going on in your site so that you can come up and keep people in your program and grow your business.

Take care.