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Mistakes to Avoid When Pricing Your Stuff

Pricing doesn't have to be as hard as you think.

Years ago when I started my business, I had a mentor who watched how I was selling and pricing my stuff and he told me, "Jorge, you aren't selling to you." That was a real eye opener. It was something that changed the way I approached potential customers needing what I had to offer.

I'm a type of buyer that over analyzes everything. It's driven by my engineering and technical background. I tend to over justify everything I buy.

What I would do then was go overboard in my sales copy. I felt I had to describe everything my potential customer could ever want to know and justify why they should buy.

What I was showing them was a feature list. I would list out all that was included and failed to tell them all the benefits this thing they wanted could do for them. I was looking at what I did as the builder of the thing instead of as the buyer of the thing.

Big mistake.

What I learned years later, which was also a big help, was the big difference between what any two people would pay for the same item. The difference could be thousands of dollars. This was a blind spot I had and I've included the exercise I went through that gave me the discovery.  Watch the video for the exercise.