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Never Overwhelm Your Members with Content

I am flying home from Infusionsoft's PartnerCon and this overwhelming airport scene got me thinking about how paralyzed and overwhelmed our online learners can get.  Then I thought some more about what we as a coach and instructor can do to get them past that.

Transcript: Hey everybody, I'm here in Charlotte airport, changing planes and I just wanna show you all the people and everything that's going on here. Things are running around a million miles an hour and reminds it me of what happens exactly when you're trying to build your first E-learning course.

You got all this content.  You have a million, different ideas and the people that you're trying to teach are just overwhelmed.  There's just so much going on. We think we have to build a lot of original content and that's absolutely not the case. Your job as a coach, as a speaker or someone that's trying to get specialized information out is to pick out what's important from the crowd.  In an airport, there's a ton of people and just the same in the crowded world of content you have to ask, "How do I get the essence of what is important for the people?"

That doesn't necessarily mean you have to come up with an original content. It means that you have to get what's essential for your audience out there first. That could mean that:

  • you're pointing out specific books,
  • you're pointing out a specific articles they need to read or
  • you're really wanting to nail some specific content the must see.

If they see these right away, that's gonna get them to the next level and that accomplishes two things:

  1. It teaches them something.  It teaches them most importantly that with this information you're providing them, they themselves can accomplish something.  If they're a real estate agent and they just started, they can get to the next level. Maybe they could get an additional ten thousand year a month or some other milestone.  So number one, it teaches them that they can do it. You're removing an obstacle from their path. You're giving them the confidence that this works.
  2. It builds credibility.  It tells people that you know what you're doing, that you are a credible source and that maybe they should continue to follow you, learn from you and hopefully pay you money.

As you're looking to become someone who's producing content, someone providing e-learning services, you must point out in a huge, crowded place like an airport the little bits of information, video content, out everything going on on the web, that's important.  You become that resource.  You explain to people where to start.  It's at number one, number two, number three and not with a millions of things that tend to overwhelm people.