Sales Automation and TurboDial

Our Infusionsoft consulting team has a solid understanding of the Infusionsoft's Sales Automation and Opportunity Management modules. Combined with our expertise using turboDial, we have the in depth understanding to automate sales team and call center activities.  You'll have a powerful solution supporting providing you with a full functioning CRM with dialing to simplify the tasks that hold your team back.

And, "YES!"  It's got reporting to provide you with the visibility you need to know what's happening across your entire sales pipeline.

Infusionsoft's opportunity management features with turboDial enable business owners and their sales teams to:

  • manage their leads as they are identified,
  • qualify them as the team gathers additional information,
  • keep track of phone and online sales activities, and
  • manage lead conversion to paying customers.

For sales teams making phone calls as a big part of the sales efforts, turboDial is a great add-on to Infusionsoft. It integrated naturally into the Infusionsoft user interface and provide efficient calling features while enabling the sales team members to make use of all Infusionsoft has to over. It also provides outbound and inbound features so calls connect with available team members at their desk phone, PCs or on the road via their mobile devices.

The Larry Jacob Internet Marketing team has an experienced team and relationships with both Infusionsoft and turboDial to get the results business owners need to turbo charge their sale efforts.

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