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Sipping Margaritas on the Beach? Get Real

A lot of business owners see all the hype around online marketing and feel they're missing out.  You see so much from the so called gurus, many of which are working to sell you their programs.  The story is that with the right formula or online program or blueprint or whatever else they can provide, you can:

  • sit back and watch the money show up while you sleep,
  • vacation in exotic locations, and
  • buy expensive cars and houses.

A lot of the hype centers around achieving what they call passive income.  It's the kind of money that shows up without you having to do anything.  You get money when you aren't at work, are sleeping or on vacation.

I've been in this space for over a decade.  I've worked with a lot of people that have used online marketing to make a lot of money.  I've seen how they work.  I've seen how they do what they do.  I have yet to see one of them that spends their lives sitting on the beach sipping margaritas.  Sure they do vacation in some really nice places, but for the most part, they are hard workers that set up a business that supports them well.  For the most successful ones, it supports them really well.

We'd all like to make money for nothing, but I'd like to give you more realistic goals. This one isn't make believe and it's achievable.  We should all be working towards a business that eventually doesn't need us.  This would be a restaurant owner that has a management team that runs the place for you.  It's a consulting company that relies heavily on online systems to deliver a good amount of the training instead of 1-on-1 coach to student teaching.

A goal like this sets you up for success.  Listen in on a short presentation by Gary Vaynerchuk where he discusses the fallacy of passive income.

Video Source: Gary Vaynerchuk's Facebook Page