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What Does Crazy Fat Tuesday and Lent Have to Do With Your Business?

Happy Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday! Today in cities like New Orleans, Rio and others, it's time for carnivals and hard core partying. The thinking goes that since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, when you start the 40 days of Lenten for reflecting on your spiritual life, today Tuesday is a day to get your last minute partying in. It's the "no holding back" day.

I'm a practicing Catholic, so Lent really is a time for spiritual renewal. And, of course being the blogger I am, it got me thinking about my business and how that plays into all this.

My team and I do online marketing. We build online courses. We build websites. We work with business owners on their online marketing. When you do that day in and day out like in any business, it's easy to get lost in the details. When you work on the ordinary and mundane every day, you can easily lose focus on what's really important.

I think taking time to pull yourself out of "the ordinary" to reflect on where you're headed and how your can best accomplish your goals is good thing. It's good for our soul, but it's just as good for our business.

Let me share with you what I have up my sleeve to take my business up a notch over the next several weeks and the fact that it overlaps with Lent is just a bonus for me. There's no reason why I cannot work on the spiritual and my practical business needs all at the same time.