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What is the $1,999 Infusionsoft Kickstart Package? Why do I need it?

What I found out when I attended InfusionCon 2011 (Infusionsoft’s yearly user conference) was that a lot of Infusionsoft users were struggling. They went ahead with an Infusionsoft subscription and several months later were very dissatisfied not reaping the Infusionsoft benefits.

In Spring 2011, Infusionsoft added Kickstart to their programs.  In my opinion, Kickstart was a great move because it gave people the minimal resources needed by new Infusionsoft users.

When you first purchase Infusionsoft, you are assigned either an Infusionsoft Success Coach or an Infusionsoft Certified Consultants (ICC).

Note: I’m what I like to call an Infusionsoft Un-Certified Consultant (IUC) and a very good one.  You won't get me assigned as your Kickstart partner because you have to be certified first.  I've  been considering getting my certification, but it seems like the busier I get, the less I can justify the week of training and loss of productivity.  I'll get there sometime and the close relationship with Infusionsoft that will get me.

If the person that offered you Infusionsoft was one of the Certified Consultants, they will typically take care of your Kickstart for you which is likely to be customized based on your needs and the ICC’s area’s of expertise.

This is a good thing.  Whether you get help from Infusionsoft directly or an ICC, it will greatly speed up your ability to learn the most important aspects of Infusionsoft.  If you have a very clear vision of what you want to accomplish, you can make a lot of progress during this Kickstart engagement and set yourself up for some quick wins using Infusionsoft right way.

BTW, through my network of ICCs I can help you get up and running with Infusionsoft and take care of your future needs.  Our team specializes in this and the virtual assistant services many Infusionsoft users find to be a great help.