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You Die So the Festivities Can Begin – So Sad

My Cuban tradition come out full swing now as we end the year.  Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) is a big deal for us and that means a pig roast.  The clip that follows shows up doing last years prep work with my daughter Sofi leading the way.  She can roast 'em like the best of us.

I've been surprised over the years at people's reactions to this tradition.  Year's back when my oldest was 5, and big into Charlotte's Web and Babe, I feared she'd see the big and get all traumatized.  Mistake!  She took one look at our pig, licked her chops and said, "That will taste really good, Dad."

The same thing happened with a Jewish friend of mine.  We were at a networking event and she went right for the Cuban-style pork at the buffet.  I found out her mom was Cuban and pig was on her holiday menu growing up.  She's since joined us for a Noche Buena pig roast.

I know I make bad assumptions and I've learned not to.  They reason is because you just don't know.

Here's something I see a lot when working with people building online courses.   They have a topic they know cold.   It's what they do every day.   Then they assume, because they know what they do so well,  that they understand how other people need to learn it.

This can be a big mistake.

It can be what keeps them from connecting with prospects and selling their course.  If they instead surveyed the market, meaning they asked people who could buy what they offer, they could easily find out.

Let me give my example selling my online course.

Before I launched my Breakthrough Course Selling System program for experts wanting to sell their know-how to their specific niche, I thought the tech part would be their biggest worry.  I assumed incorrectly their fear and frustration would be working the Infusionsoft, Memberium, Wordpress and tech systems needed to get it up and running.

Knowing I might be mistaken, I did the research.  Here's what I discovered.  What up and coming course builders most fear is that their course won't sell.  What keeps them up at night is that they'll invest all this time, money and effort and find out later course is a flop.

So in my Breakthrough Course Selling System, I have my students spend more than half the six-week program focused on the research and surveying potential customers so the course they offer meets real customer demand.  Instead of making an educated guess, which I find out all the time doesn't work, I show them how to use market research to create an irresistible offer matching what their customers told them they want.  Then I have them convince themselves it they have a winner.  I have them sell their offer, before they actually build their course.  Really, I want them to be 100% convinced their course will sell before they build ANYTHING.

If you visit the offer page for my program (see , you'll see the customer testimonials.  These are the exact words of my students and they all agree my program made a huge difference for them.

So don't make the mistake I made with my Cuban pig roast.  Confirm your assumptions.  Ask your customers what they want.  Even ask them what course format they want and how much they'd be willing to spend.  Do the hard work up front so you don't have to face the bad news later that no one wants what you have to sell.

Please do share with me what you think about this.