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11 Reasons Why Your Marketing May Be Failing

I'm constantly honing, adjusting and enhancing my marketing strategy and tactics.  I look for ways to improve what I'm doing to bring in more leads or improve the quality of leads I get.  In an ideal world, I want a strong flow of leads for highly qualified prospects that covert into high value clients for my business.

I was watching a Jacki Mclenaghan latest video.  She's a close contact of mine and in it she goes over 11 reasons why your marketing may be failing.  It got me thinking about my efforts to promote my business and thought it would be a good resource to pass along.

Visit her YouTube channel and sign up.  Just click here to do that.  She releases a steady stream of good material that's been helpful to me.

I'll be attending Jacki's event coming up in October.   I went to her event back in May it was a really good one.  You can click here to find out all about it.