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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your First Memberium Site – Part 1

Once a month minimum, we get asked to take a look at a Memberium membership sites that isn’t working.  A small business owner is wanting to launch their online course and they reach out to us because:

  • the site’s not working,
  • it’s quirky or unreliable or
  • they are just plain dissatisfied with the results.

It could be the site was built by a web developer inexperienced at building membership sites.  It could be the business owner or someone on their team took a shot at it and fell short.  Often times, we look the site over and see that it only needs some minor updates.  Most of the time, some basics were done wrong and it requires a full overhaul to get things working right.

Here are 3 mistakes we see made often enough by first time Memberium site builders and what can be done to avoid these roadblocks..

Mistake Number 1 – Designing the Site Incorrectly

The Memberium membership site most small businesses need gets them a platform for publishing their online course, membership program or client portal.  What they need honestly isn't that complicated.  They need the following features:

  • a home page with a login webform requesting a user id and password,
  • a dashboard or main page where members select their course they want to access, and
  • a course layout makes taking the course easy for members.

There are a lot of simple site designs that just plain work.  Why should any new Memberium membership site builder reinvent the wheel, right?  What I typically recommend is you review sites that work.  Study other membership sites, and I recommend using a simple one and "borrow" their design, navigation, and page layouts.

I recommend you visit our Memberium membership site at where we publish video tours of client membership sites we have built.  It’s FREE and allows you to sample designs that work.

One point I want to stress is that your membership site content should be center stage.  The membership site that hosts your content should be the supporting cast.  Keeping it simple “and in the background” is what we find works best.  Stay away from “frilly.”  That usually ends up being pretty, but distracting to your learning members.

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