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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your First Memberium Site – Part 3

This is part 3 of a 3-part series.  You can click here to get to part 2 of the article.

Mistake Number 3 – Doing Too Much From the Start

We get a lot of customers approaching us asking for a lot of features I don't think are necessary.  They are asking for a lot of fancy features I would prefer to see them postpone until later.  The first goal of any course builder is to get members active on their site.  What’s the minimally viable product they can release that gets them there.

As uncomfortable as this may feel, I recommend selling stuff that you haven't built yet.  Run some tests.  Get some paying members and confirm you have a product or service that will sell.

Make your first Memberium membership site a very basic membership site platform.  Consider selling your online course over the phone taking credit card payments manually.  You can go as simple as offering your membership content via a private Facebook group.  Of course that doesn’t require Memberium, but it’s usually a good solution for testing your idea.

A top priority of any business offering a membership site service the first time is sales.  Confirm you have an audience for what you sell and convince yourself with real sales that members will buy it.  Only when you've done that would I recommend getting elaborate at all with your membership site platform.

One thing my team and I offer is our Breakthrough Course Building System which gets you coaching and a version of our "Perfect Starter Kit" site installed and fully configured in your environment.  It's a basic set up for getting you started so with minimal investment. You get yourself a platform for offering your content now with a strong foundation for building features later when you need them.  You can click here to get the details on this.