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3 Ways to Guarantee Learners Complete Your Course

Learners learn most when they finish your course.  What can you do to maximize that?

We can argue that students taking our online course aren't engaged, lack discipline and fail to commit.  You might think they're wasting this great resources you've made available to them.  But have you looked closely at your course lately?  Is it aimed at getting your student through it efficiently?

People today are busier than ever.  They are pulled in every direction.

Are you doing what you can do maximize the return they get for their time invested?

Here are three steps any course builder can take to make going through your course as easy as possible and no more time consuming than necessary.


#1 - Make it work beautifully on mobile phones

Think of your student's daily activities.  What's their day look like?

  • Do they have breaks at work?
  • Are they waiting in car line?
  • Do they have dead time while kids are at soccer, ballet or tutoring?
  • Where are they dead spots in their daily routine?

Wherever your student goes, they bring their phone.  This even includes when they visit the power room.  Does your course work well on mobile phones?  Can students take your program with them wherever they go?

If your course works poorly on mobile phone you are seriously shorting your students.  Fortunately, with tools like LearnDash, and especially with their recent 3.0 release, you have a platform that's ideal for building courses that are at their best on phones.  I run into course builders that started off using proprietary course building platforms.  The platforms were once really good.  What's happened over time is they didn't keep up.

A LearnDash based course rides on Wordpress.  Mobile phone support is a given.  It enables you to focus on your course content relying on their really sharp team to make it work well on phones.


#2 - Keep lessons short

If your student wants to learn, can they fit a lesson into the crooks and crannies in their busy day?  Do they have 10 minutes here, 20 minute there when they can take out their phone can get though a lesson.

I was going through a Digital Marketer certification course and I was set on getting it done by the end of the month.  To do that, I would pull up the course whenever I had an open spot in my day.

I remember driving my wife over to the grocery store and staying in the parking lot while she went in.  Perfect time for learning, right?  I had about 15 minutes in the car on my phone with my full attention available going over a lesson.

If you can cut up your lessons into bite sized chunks of about 7 to 12 minutes, you've hit the sweet spot.  That a really good amount of time for most people.  If you include a simple multiple choice quiz at the end asking some questions to confirm they picked up the fundamentals of the lesson, you've got what the learner needed.  You want to provide them a tool that validates to themselves they picked up what was necessary.

This is where LearnDash 3.0 is a great tool.  Building courses with explanations to go along with questions your learners missed is the way to go.  You'd be surprised how easy LearnDash makes things for course builders.  You can focus on your content putting LearnDash's easy to use quiz builder to work.


#3 - Give your students deadlines

This sounds counter intuitive, but your students benefit from you setting expectations.  It's not so much that students are driven by deadlines, but they do need to know what to expect.  If you have a section at the start of every course section outlining what is covered and how long the student can expect that section to take, you've done them a big favor.

Don't shy away from preparing students for a section that's a more involved and takes more effort to complete.  Not everything you teach will take the same amount of work.  Prepare students by telling them a lesson may take more to complete than the previous lesson so they can gauge the effort it will take relative to what they've already experienced.


These are simple steps any course builder can follow.  Put them to use to drive your completion rates up and get your students they learning they needed when they opted to go with your program.