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Ever Considered Hiring an Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant? You Need to Read This First!

Infusionsoft Virtual Assistants are very important for Infusionsoft users who want successful marketing automation. Having a trained Virtual Assistant that is knowledgeable of Infusionsoft best practices will guaranteed save you time and money.
However, despite what I just told you, hiring and Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant will not always solve your problems. Often it can make things worse! If you simply hire someone to implement campaigns that are poorly conceived and lack measurable goals, your marketing efforts will fail.
This may sound harsh but I often find that clients come to me after already hiring an Infusionsoft expert. Most of the time it was an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant or quick start coach, and sometimes Infusionsoft Virtual Assistants. Then I have to dive into where these Infusionsoft experts left off. This is where I see all the common pitfalls:
• Over-elaborate campaigns with too many decision nodes, making it hard to understand goals, report findings, and make changes to campaigns.
• Campaign paths that may have seemed important, but after-the-fact you realize they were never even used.
• Same thing goes with features. Many seem important but the client was never taught how to use them.
• And worst of all, I often find that their campaigns did not help what-so-ever at automating successful marketing, increasing revenue, and lowering costs.
Hire even the best Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant to fix campaigns like this and you may find that they continue do more of what is already not working for you. Your Virtual Assistant then gets frustrated at your requests to see progress and measure the results.
What’s the solution?? Well at my firm, I do offer Infusionsoft Virtual Assistants, it is an absolute necessity. But I prefer to call them Infusionsoft Executive Assistants to distinguish what we offer from what I described above. They know Infusionsoft really well but they also know when to call in someone with an even higher level of knowledge. You are not just hiring a Virtual Assistant, you are hiring a team of experts.
In these cases, I am able to come in and help you define your goals. Strip down your efforts to what works and get rid of what does not work. I will design campaigns that you understand. That provides real and measurable results. After I develop your strategy, my Infusionsoft Executive Assistants can go to work developing your campaigns and marketing materials that will be:
• Streamlined to make sure that the most important things you need in your business are done first.
• Well documented so that anyone you bring onto your team can learn the campaigns fast and make changes easily.
• Easy for you to understand and you will be trained on everything you need to know.
You then have a campaign that is production ready and can be managed successfully by the owner or an Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant. As I started out saying, an Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant is important for all Infusionsoft users, but hiring an experienced team first is the most efficient way to manage your business’s marketing.