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Evergreen Business System Is a Serious Webinar Tool to Consider

Evergreen Business System is a tool I've seen many of my customers use in conjunction with Infusionsoft to promote their businesses.  It give you the ability to run a webinar which appears to be running live, but is actually a simulation that runs on auto-pilot.  However, there is one warning I have to give you.  You can easily spend a lot of time working on "Evergreen Business System" in order to learn it well and still get zero results in terms of lead generation.  I believe a lot of users need real practical help to bring their marketing and automation plans to life.
I’ve used systems like Evergreen Business System, Infusionsoft and GoToWebinar </span> together to develop some really successful marketing campaigns.  I recommend these systems to my clients and, as a consultant, I have developed expert knowledge on how to use them and make them work together.  What I've learned is this:
<h3 style="text-align: center;">DO NOT start off elaborate. Start off simple!</h3>
Without a doubt, trying to automate and connect them all together at the beginning will be a HUGE waste of your money and delay getting to the leads you want - which is the whole point of doing all this in the first place.

Instead, start off placing a high priority on generating leads while collecting the pieces you'll need later to fully automate things.

What I have done when taking this approach is to start off with a tool like GoToWebinar. That's the tool I've been using a while and feel most comfortable using.   I have customers that use Instant Teleseminar and Evergreen Business Solution's Live Webinar Module and are just as thrilled with the results they've gotten.

Keep it simple.  I create an registration webpage using Infusionsoft's legacy web forms or the Campaign Builder and send GoToMeeting an http post to get them signed up.  My preference in the name of simplicity is to let GoToMeeting do all the notifications.  I prefer not to have to deal with issues surrounding attendees and their individual webinar link.

They key here is to run a live webinar, generate leads and record it for use later.  The downside is you have to be present every time, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Now a lot of people might think, "Now is the time to get this recording into Evergreen Business Systems (EBS) Automated Webinar Solutions.  This consultant would respond, "No! Not yet."

Instead, of heading down the Evergreen Business System path right here, create a webinar replay page.  This will take you no time at all to set up.  You build a simple Infusionsoft form on an opt in page promoting it as a webinar replay.  This should look like a simple squeeze page.  You are basically requiring people sign up to view a web page that has the video sitting on it for them to watch.

What could be simpler than that?

You'll have all the tracking you need to determine who's viewing the video.  Here's a tip.  Host your video on Wistia.  It's easy to use and it tracks how long visitors watched your video.  Then use that information to decide how to respond based on how much time they gave your replay.

The key here is that you build your campaign a step at a time.  You minimize your investment along the way until you've proven you have something that works.  You avoid committing large amounts of time and money on ideas you haven't proven work.

Then when you have proven things out, you make the MAJOR commitment to get a solution requiring all Evergreen Business System, Infusionsoft, GoToWebinar have to offer to get yourself  an automated marketing solution that's sure to work.

Hope this helps.