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5 Mistakes First Time BuddyBoss Builders Make and How to Avoid Them – Part 2

We started in part one of this article discussing two mistakes we see first time BuddyBoss site builders make. These mistakes usually get in the way of a successful site launch. In this two part series, we discuss these mistakes and how you might get past them. This article continues where that one started with the final 3 mistakes.

BuddyBoss Expert on Mistake #3 - The Registration Process is Rugged

When using BuddyBoss by itself, the initial registration process is rugged. They provide you with a form that enables members to register using default Wordpress registration features. Members register and are sent an email that mimics the process for resetting a forgotten password. The email is send from a Wordpress email that can be seen as odd by your users. It typically comes from something like wordpress@(your domain).com.

Your members may not easily recognize the email as coming from you. The reset password link looks complicated and may be perceived as a link used by hackers to get to your private information. It doesn't provide a smooth process.

There are ways to modify this using Wordpress plugins. If you are using an e-commerce package like WooCommerce to sell your BuddyBoss memberships or course materials, WooCommerce provides a smoother interface for this. You might also consider upgrading to a membership plugin like MemberPress or Wishlist Member, our team uses Memberium for Keap/Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign, customers. These all provide improved ways to get a user from registering or buying something to getting easy access to the content they purchased.


BuddyBoss Expert on Mistake #4 - Using the Default Dashboard Page

When you get BuddyBoss installed, you typically have the /news-feed/ page configured as the page your members see as soon as they login. It contains an Activity Feed which is similar to a Facebook newsfeed where members of the site can post information. The issue is it won't be obvious for people arriving there for the first time. There is no context to explain to them what to do.

In many cases, this kind of page is what you want. If you have invited members to a free course, a paid course, a set of videos for them to review, they may be ready to share something. You may have an initial email sent that tells them to arrive there and introduce themselves. You could have a page people arrive at on the first login that has instructions explaining it to them. You should consider providing some sort of instructions to get people started.

Now many sites will NOT need or want an activity feed. If that is the case, you need what we call a dashboard. It's the place where the items they purchased are displayed. It could provide them a list of the most common things people do on the site. If your site is heaving on messaging between members, then a widget with a list of the people currently logged in would make sense. If you rely on BuddyBoss' social groups, you can display the most popular groups on the site.

The key is you have to review the client experience as they arrive on the site and make sure it is clear to them.


BuddyBoss Expert on Mistake #5 - They Fail to Use FREE Readily Available Tools

BuddyBoss and LearnDash, which many site builders use with BuddyBoss for learning management, have a strong third-party market of vendors that provide features not provided by them. Two vendors in particular provide a lot of good enhancements tools and many are absolutely free.

For BuddyBoss there is the BP Maps for Members and PB xProfile Location. These two enhances the member profile features to include Google Maps function so you can display where a member lives on a map. It's easy to use once you get it installed.

Uncanny Owl provides several plugins for LearnDash users to consider. The first one to look at is the Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash. The have a Pro version for sale, that provides additional features, but the free version has some valuable features for you.

WisdmLabs provide their own set of enhancement products. They focus on learning features to consider. They are definitely one to investigate.

There are a good number of membership tools like I have mentioned before that make selling and controlling access very straightforward. BuddyBoss and LearnDash have some simple options for doing this, but once your requirements gets a little more advanced, those quickly lose there ability to deliver.


Hope this helps!