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11 Signs You Need a Digital Marketing Agency – Part 1

When you started your business, you were the fuel that powered it. You were the one that made it happen. You would NEVER have gotten where you are today, without all your talent, hard work and shier determinate.

You had to do it all yourself so you have always been in do-it-yourself mode.

Whether you're remodeling your home or repairing your car, the do-it-yourself approach can work, but it isn’t always the best option. It feels like it’s less expensive and you can always thing, “No one does it as good as I can. But it often isn’t the best approach.

Digital marketing is no exception: You can run an in-house operation for a while, but it eventually catches up with you.

Your business’ future and success are dependent on your ability to:

  • reach out to potential customers,
  • attract and engage them, and
  • convert them into paying customers.

Digital marketing is extremely important, but is it in the best hands when you are the one doing it.

If your digital marketing efforts are NOT delivering the results you'd hoped for, it may be time to hire an agency. Here are eleven signs signaling that it’s time to bring in an outside digital marketing agency:


  1. It's Broken

When you first started your business, you had to do everything yourself or with a small team. It worked for a while: you came up with great ideas, generated leads, and increased your sales. Then something strange happened: website traffic slowed, leads dried up... Whatever got you this far has broken down.

At this point, you need new ideas and new people to help you come up with and carry out a plan that will get you the results you want. This is another sign to consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help you take your business to the next leve


  1. You're Overcommitted

With everything on your plate, you probably don’t have enough time to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Let's be honest.  Digital marketing is a time-consuming endeavor that includes SEO, content marketing, website updates, social media management, email marketing, and analytics. Unless you have the extra time and resources to learn how to become a bonified marketing expert, then hiring an agency while you focus on your core business is probably a more productive use of your time.


  1. You're out of Your League

You know your business and industry inside and out, better than anyone right?  But you're no digital marketing guru. You are not equipped with the skills, or experience necessary to develop and roll out a digital marketing strategy that is likely to succeed. And that's okay.  You're better off allocating your time & resources to the business you've created.   Website development, graphic design, content creation, SEO, analytics, social media, technology, and a variety of other tools are all play a role in digital marketing and all tied together.


  1. You Could Not Care Less

You recognize the value of digital marketing for your company, but you don't understand how it works or how it's done, or you simply don't care.  You're no dummy, you know it works and you want results.  But you can't or don't want to be involved in the process of getting them.  So if digital marketing isnt' your jam an you'd rather spend your time on other parts of your business,  then it may be time to delegate it to an agency with a passion for digital marketing.


  1. Return on Investment Is Underwhelming

Digital marketing can be a roller coaster, especially nowadays.  Your marketing needs to evolve as the web evolves.  So setting up multiple traffic streams to keep a steady flow of eager buyers incoming to your business is the way to go but unfortunately the rock solid strategies you've used just a couple years, or even months ago aren't driving customers to your business like they used to.  And now your bag of tricks isn't generating the ROI it once was, and you're out of ideas.

This is yet another sign it's time consult with an agency.  A good digital marketing agency will track your ROI so you can cut wasteful spending and optimize your campaigns while suggesting fresh new ideas that are working for local businesses right now.

Check out part 2 of this article. It contains another six signs you are needing to hire a digital marketing agency.