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6 Reasons Why Fortune 100 Companies Use WordPress

Anyone serious about Internet marketing, regardless of their focus MUST seriously consider Wordpress as their website platform and Content Management Systems (CMS) of choice.    A recent survey of Fortune 500 companies like eBay,  Sony, GM, IBM, Techcrunch and may other big hitters confirmed that Wordpress is their choice for building highly-functional, easy-to-manage, content-heavy websites.

But why are more than 75 million websites, including 55% of the top 1 million most visited websites in the world, choosing WordPress?

Here are the top 6 reason why Wordpress is the top choice to consider:

1. Wordpress is tops for publishing content easily.

The focus of any website should be on content.  You've probably heard the phrase, "content is king."  Well it is.

Wordpress originally started out as a blogging platform.  It is designed for making content easy to publish and manage by people who were not supported by an team of technically savvy IT folks.  Anyone with a good command of MS Word or any other word processor tool can manage it.

With WordPress you can easily create, modify, update and manage all of your content making it easy to showcase your talents and skills.  Be it promoting your culinary talents to sharing your geek expertise, it's the right platform for establishing yourself as a thought leader to your audience.

2. Wordpress is free open source.

Open source means Wordpress is free.  IT is supported by thousands of programmers across the globe that work as a community to develop it and make it a better and better platform over time.  They consider requests for new functions and work as a team to provide improve security, flexibility, ease of use and better overall quality.

An added benefit is you can use it over and over again never having to worry about licensing and ownership issues.  Yes!  You are perfectly legal - for sure.

3. It's not just great for copy.  It's great for video and graphics too.

You can obviously build your web pages and blog posts with it, but you can just as easily publish images, photographs, video audio files and all sorts of graphics.  There is no need to have programming skills of any kinds.  It's all managed through their easy to use administrative interfaces.

4. It supports tons of enhancements and options via plugins.

Do you want shopping cart functions.  There's a plugin for that.  Do you want to add Facebook like or share buttons?  There's a plugin for that.  If you want to keep spammers for messing up your site, there's a plugin for that.

Wordpress has a standard for adding enhancements via plugins that enables anyone to build easy to use extension making Wordpress able to just about anything.  And a lot of people have done that.  Just do a simple search and you can see all the available Wordpress plugins.

5. Wordpress is VERY search engine friendly.

Wordpress makes cooperating with search engines super easy.  You don't have to be a scientist to do what Google, Bing and Yahoo want you to do to rank nicely to searches.    Your focus is limited to knowing the keywords that you want to rank for.  WordPress makes in a no-brainer  to set up page titles, headlines, meta tags and the like so each page is set up the way you need it set up..

6. Wordpress makes it easy to look nice on any type of device.

Websites have to look good on PC, Macs, iPads, tablets of all kinds, iPhones, Androids, you name it.   Wordpress fully supports responsive designs that mean the pages collapse elegantly so the content shows up nicely regardless of display type or size.  This is important given that huge move to mobile devices across the U.S. and the globe.

For those of you already on Wordpress, don't have to be sold.  You know all it can do for you.

Those of you that are not, should move ahead confidently knowing Wordpress is solid and the right one for building a solution that will support your business and professional aspirations.

Let me know what you think.  I'm also eager to hear what you have to say below.

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