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Expand Upon Your Available and Innate Skills

Let us assume there are traits of yours which are not being showcased, not due to lack of virtue but instead because other aspects of yourself which may detract from these otherwise attributes.

During a recent reading I came across an enlightening series of words; an American proverb.  These wise words were cause for pause thus providing a poignant intuition into what is useful in order to augment performance.

"Before sunlight can shine through the window, the blinds must be raised."

This was the wise proverb.

In my search to acquire the necessary knowledge to expand my abilities my focus is to improve upon those characteristics which require it.  "What training can I get to perfect a skill, acquire a skill I do not currently have or improve a skill area I consider a weakness?"

Though no strict guideline exists to accomplish this, the following is an apt process which may apply:

1.  Seek and attend a curriculum pertaining to the skill sought.

2.  Learning said skill.

3.  Apply skill and proceed to improve upon another aspect.

The pottery process comes to mind due to the similarities found within.  As you craft a clay pot into a desired shape you are bringing to light something that once was unforeseeable.

With this said, let us assume we may view this differently.  Let us pretend said clay pot has already been created and it rests elegantly upon its very own pedestal.  As such it is tastefully adorned with an adequate ribbon to further exploit its prominence.  The issue arises now as this beautiful clay pot sits on upon its pedestal yet behind closed blinds.  Ready for embrace yet basking in darkness without the world as an audience to admire.  Never will it delight in the "light of day."

Upon having read this proverb, I began to seek those attributes within me and the manners in which to expand upon given this newfound knowledge.  Perhaps these traits are not being exploited due to other habits deterring them.  "Hidden" and inaccessible to myself thus to the vast world around me.

As an example, let us take my responsibilities as a salesman.  In my humble opinion, I believe I am a rather capable salesman.  Though this may be the case, my capabilities as such may not reach their maximum because of the aforementioned impediments.  Obstructions such as lack of confidence, maybe even unfounded insecurities.

My preparation, background and experience as a salesman could serve as the proverbial blinds.  A strive to overcome those obstacles which might pose as a feasible threat to my success.  Perhaps a mentor or a guide can prove successful when attempting to pinpoint the foundation of the issue(s).

The assets, the attributes, the skills necessary are all accounted but task is to expose these to the necessary light.  Allowing the proverbial, vast shine to come through whole.

As presented, these are two distinct approaches to the same issue.

Moving forth in your growing business enhancing your cognizance through mental exercises can prove enlightening.  These obstacles may not readily identifiable at first but once recognized they can be easily overshadowed.

As an individual, as a business man/woman, what do you think?  Have you found a manner  to triumph over these possible mental barriers that may be truncating your full potential?