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iMember360: Up and Running in 30 Minutes – Part 1

iMember360 is a great product, but it's by no means straight-forward to learn and configure the first time. It's take some understanding of how it is designed to work along with practice using it to learn it and use it efficiently.

This is part 1 of a four-part video series that provides a step by step for getting iMember360 up and running. It really shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes. That's as long as it will take you to get through parts 1 to 3.

I do want to highlight an earlier articles I wrote, "Infusionsoft / iMember360 Configuration Notes to Make Life Easier" that provides the  step-by-step guide my team and I follow when installing and configuring iMember360 on client projects.

I recommending watching the videos first.  Once completed, you can then review the configuration notes to complete the missing Infusionsoft pieces. For example, I don't cover providing access to paying Infusionsoft members in the videos. You'll definitely want that unless you're providing content for free.

This part 1 video covers the basic Wordpress iMember360 set up, setting up your first membership level, and protecting page content.


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