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iMember360: Up and Running in 30 Minutes – Part 4

Here is part 4 of what started as a three-part video series for getting iMember360 up and running in 30 minutes. It now takes a little longer, but as I expand this series, we'll be covered different aspects of iMember360. It's a great tool for building Infusionsoft-based membership sites. With the right guidance, anyone with Infusionsoft and Wordpress knowledge can put it to use.

I wrote another article, "Infusionsoft / iMember360 Configuration Notes to Make Life Easier" that provides the step-by-step guide my team and I follow when installing and configuring iMember360 on client projects.

I recommende watching the videos first. Once completed, you can then review the configuration notes to complete the missing Infusionsoft pieces.

This iMember360 tutorials covers setting up your a campaign to enable Infusionsoft administrators to give Infusionsoft contacts access to a membership level. We'll be covering how to give access to paying customers Infusionsoft order forms and shopping carts in a future lesson.


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