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Infusionsoft / iMember360 Configuration Notes to Make Life Easier

Using iMember360 to create an Infusionsoft based membership is a powerful solution.  You continue using all you've learned Infusionsoft can do for you plus you get all the power you've come to love from using Wordpress.  The combination enables you much more than just membership sites.  More on that on future posts.

I'm a part of an Infusionsoft Linkedin Group that discusses Infusionsoft topics.  Recently, there was a discussion and someone said they had configuring iMember360 can be difficult.  iMember360 a program build by a gentleman named Bob Keen and formerly known as Infusion WP has it's tricks.  It is very doable by someone familiar with both Infusionsoft and Wordpress who's determined to get this done.

What I promised the group is that I would share my configuration notes so they could appreciate the work involved in getting iMember360 configured and working.

Hope this helps

Infusionsoft / iMember360 Configuration Notes


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