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iMember360: Up and Running in 30 Minutes – Part 2

I hope you have finished watching part 1 of this series. It really makes sense to watch them in order. Parts 1, 2 and 3 are only 30 minutes long. They won't take you long to watch and when you are done you will be have very good insight on how to install and configure the solution.

Like I said in the previous video introduction,  iMember360 is a great tool for building Infusionsoft-based membership sites. With the right guidance, anyone with Infusionsoft and Wordpress knowledge can put it to use. iMember360 is very rich in features which is why new users can easily get overwhelmed by it. But getting iMember360 installed and configured isn't complicated. This video series ( and there's less than 30 minutes of video hence the title) walks you through the entire process.

This part 2 video covers configuring the login features that enable people to get access to your iMember360 membership content.


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