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iMember360 – Advanced Topics – Part 3

When offering an online course, Infusionsoft / iMember360 users will often want to offer a free trial. This enables users to sample the content offered and only commit to the subscription after they have been able to "test drive" the content.

This Infusionsoft / iMember360 tutorial or lesson reviews how to create a product in Infusionsoft that takes the customer's credit card, but holds off on charging the card for 7 days. During that initial 7 day period, the customer is given access to the sample course offering in the iMember360 membership site. The customer is sent email messages encouraging them to stay in the program past the 7 days. They are also encouraged to consider an upgrade to other packaged that have more features and lead to higher revenue.

This Infusionsoft / iMember360 tutorial is an advanced lesson. It includes a review of how the 7 day free trial is cancelled in the customer decides not to continue and illustrates how to provide an administrative interface that enables an Infusionsoft administrator to move customers from the free trial to full product access without having the customer make a payment.


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