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What Makes Infusionsoft So Painfully Difficult?

This week I read two users complaining in Facebook groups about how difficult Infusionsoft is to use.  They were asking for support from the different online communities on how best to get off Infusionsoft and onto something else.  When asked by other what was the issue, the answers revealed that the user:

  • Had bad expectations about what Infusionsoft could do.
  • Expected Infusionsoft to be easy to use.
  • Didn't have a good technical partner working with them.
  • Wasn't fully aware of the benefits of the next platform they were going to try.

To hear them complain that Infusionsoft is too hard makes no sense to me.  I've heard them say it's too time consuming, expensive, complicated.

My question to them is, "Compared to what."  If you purchased Infusionsoft, you are looking to put the online marketing, email marketing and marketing automation to work for your business.  What you are wanting has the potential to make a huge impact on your business.  Something that has a huge positive impact on your business can be complicated.  Doing it solo with little outside support makes it even more complicated and even more difficult to do right.

Now I'm the first one that will tell you, Infusionsoft take some effort to learn. It is, however, a really good solution for taking on your online marketing goals at a relatively low cost compared to other options. And part of that cost should include hiring a good Infusionsoft consulting team so have someone guiding the way and serving as a good source for learning:

  • Infusionsoft,
  • online marketing,
  • copy writing,
  • sales funnel building best practices, and
  • all the other stuff that's critical for you to succeed.

Sounds to me like they didn't do their home work.  Business is hard.  If it were easy, everyone would be a successful entrepreneur living on a sailboat in the Caribbean sipping Margaritas while they soak in the rays.

You know what's really hard.

  • Dealing with employees that aren't the best fit for my business and feeling bad you have to fire them.
  • Doing your taxes and figuring out what this year't tax changes mean for you.
  • Finding affordable health insurance when you can't tap into a big company policy.


Thank about that last one.

My team and I build 3 to 4 Infusionsoft / Memberium / AccessAlly / LearnDash membership programs and online courses a month.  This involves some pretty fancy website building and serious use of Infusionsoft.  If you think automating your marketing is a good idea...if you want the benefits that comes from automated sales funnels...if you want to leverage the power an online course or membership program can bring your business, what non-Infusionsoft option do you really have?  I mean really.

Are they as powerful and feature rich?  Are they that much easier to use?  Are they really less expensive when you account for everything it takes to put them to work?

Think of what delivering solutions like Infusionsoft enables you to do would cost a small business just 10 or 15 years ago.  Doing what Infusionsoft does today would cost you a room full of team members using software tools you would have had to custom build yourself.  It would have cost into the hundreds of thousands.

Here's my advise to you.

  1. Decide if online marketing is a real option you need for your business?
  2. If your answer is "yes," understand that, even if you are a tech genius, Infusionsoft and the online marketing and automation it can deliver isn't a do-it-yourself project.  You can't just do it on your spare time.
  3. Put a plan and budget in place to tackle this head on and get the right team (maybe us) to support you.

Done right, Infusionsoft is a solution that's worked VERY well for a lot of business owners.  Getting it done yourself with little previous experience isn't going to work very well.  Just think of taking the same do-it-yourself approach to getting insurance, doing your taxes, getting your office IT set up.   "Figure it out on your own" is big mistake.

Hope this helps!