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BuddyBoss App: What Sort of a Mobile App Does It Enable You to Build?

Our team has been working both BuddyBoss and LearnDash since the two solutions were released. You can search our blog to see how far back we've been sharing information on both of these. Knowing how valuable those two are, we watched the release of BuddyBoss App very carefully. We could just imagine how powerful it could be to give your customers a mobile app version of the BuddyBoss and LearnDash community and online course site you built.

We already build mobile apps for customers so we know how complicated and expensive building a mobile apps can be. The solution BuddyBoss App brings to those customers has huge potential.

That's why a year back in the spring of 2023, we launched our practice serving the needs of BuddyBoss App users. And I want to say we've been very happy with it. Our customers are too.

So I thought I would explain exactly what BuddyBoss App gets you and how to make the most of it.

BuddyBoss App Developer on Out of the Box BuddyBoss App

Out of the box with no enhancements, BuddyBoss App makes the Wordpress site features provided by BuddyBoss and LearnDash available as a mobile application. It works just as well on Apple and Google devices. You get in the app all that LearnDash course, lesson, topics and quizzes get you. It enables you to provide in your mobile app the BuddyBoss members, group, feeds and other features. Then give your mobile app users access to the non-BuddyBoss and non-LearnDash features of your site using what they call web fallback. Those features come to life in the mobile app via links to responsive versions of the regular Wordpress site in responsive mode. So you click on a link in the mobile app and you are taken to the mobile device browser with the website version of that feature displayed.

BuddyBoss App Developer on Enhancements You Might Find Interesting

The out of the box BuddyBoss App solution works really well. You can interact with all the features of the site as if you work working with the desktop version of the site.

What we have found is that a lot of BuddyBoss website users want more out of their mobile apps. They want to see it working fully as a mobile with no web fallbacks. We also run into site owners that have spent a lot of time, effort and money making substantial improvements to the look and feel of the site and they want to make use of those in the app.

We've experimented with a number of solutions that enable you to add these missing features. One in particular works really well. It's called BlockLi and it has enabled us to make some really nice enhancements.

For those that want to visually enhance their sites, it provides many options. We've been able to bring customer site visual designs to the mobile app. It takes some effort, but when you compare that to mobile app development, it's a straightforward process.

BlockLi gives you the ability to map features for non-BuddyBoss and non-LearnDash features of the site and make them available as sections of your mobile app. The end solution is a fully working app that works the way you would expect a complete mobile app to work.

Very nice.

Given how involved building a mobile app is, this is a really powerful alternative.

I'd be happy to share more with you about how this can be used to make your mobile application the best possible solution it can be.