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3 Priceless Memberium Expert Pointers on the Keap vs. ActiveCampaign E-Commerce Options

Memberium Expert

As a Memberium expert and Memberium Certified Agency Partner, I'm getting more and more requests for ActiveCampaign/Memberium sites. Memberium supports both Keap and ActiveCampaign so you can use either one to power your membership or online learning site.

Because I've been working a Keap Certified Consultant for so long, we naturally get more Keap/Memberium business. These past two months, we've been pleasantly surprised. We've been hired for two new ActiveCampaign/Memberium customers. That's a lot compared to what we usually expect.

So this seems like the perfect time to write a few Memberium Expert articles on the differences between Keap/Memberium and Keap/ActiveCampaign. Both are good options. We aren't favoring one over the other, but there are there are differences. Let me first focus on the ec-ommerce features.

Memberium Expert on Keap E-commerce

Keap Max and Keap Ultimate both come with e-commerce built in. (Note: Their Keap Pro version does not include e-commerce.)  For anyone selling memberships or online courses, this is a good option. You can use order forms to allow members to purchase a product. That can work with Memberium to give members access to:

  • one course,
  • a set of courses or
  • a package of content you make available in your Wordpress site.

Memberium provides many options allowing you to assign members access to all sorts of Wordpress items on the site. You have an infinite number of options.

Keap's e-commerce allows for subscriptions. Members can purchase products having recurring payments. A member can purchase a product paying monthly, annual or any other duration you want. Keap e-commerce bills their card based on the specified period (i.e., monthly, yearly, etc). It gives you options for managing payments that get declined, retrying them if you like. We typically configure subscriptions so the try missed payments three times over a week and half. Each decline triggers an email to go out asking members to update their payment method. After three declines, temporarily suspends their access. When they log into the site, they are taken to a page requesting payment to regain access to their content.

Memberium integrates very nicely with Keap's e-commerce. It can be configured to allow members to cancel their subscriptions at any time. When they cancel, they can be allowed access to their content until the last day of their payment cycle. Then you can disable their account.

We've been building sites like these for many years. It's allows you to build simple, complicated and very elegant solutions.

Memberium Expert on ActiveCampaign Ecommerce

ActiveCampaign does NOT provide e-commerce features. They do, however, integrate really well with popular e-commerce solutions. The two we often use are WooCommerce and ThriveCart, but others will work as well.

Our preference is to WooCommerce. It's a free Wordpress plugin. If you require subscriptions with recurring payments, you will need WooCommerce Subscriptions which is priced today at  $279 annually.

WooCommerce is a best-in-breed e-commerce solution. It provides all the functions I describe in the Keap section above. You can manage single payments or recurring payments. All integrate well using Memberium features so you can give members access to their content with all the flexibility you would expect.

NOTE: You might consider our FREE Profitable Online Course Builder Starter Guide showing you how to configure WooCommerce with your Wordpress site. Everything in the e-book applies to builders of ActiveCampaign/Memberium sites.


Memberium Expert on Some Key Differences

Because of WooCommerce's popularity and because it is built on Wordpress, there is a very healthy WooCommerce add-on market. There are plugins to allow you to do just about anything you can think of. It is likely that WooCommerce with add-ons can accomodate  any special requirements you have. There are add-ons to:

  • add sales bumps to your orders,
  • manage sales tax across all US states and countries,
  • calculate shipping,
  • and many, many more.

Keap e-commerce is fully propriety. What's nice is you have one provider and support team handling any issues that come up. However, you get the features they make available and that's it. If have requirements it doesn't have, you are out luck.

One feature, in particular, we often get requested is the ability to add sales bumps to your order forms. This allows you to offer a McDonald style "do you want fries with that" offer right there at checkout. The buyer clicks on a button and an additional item is added to the order form allowing you to increasing the amount of a sale.


Memberium Expert on Support Difference

I cannot overstate how good Memberium support is. All support is done via email. You email their support team. That opens up a ticket. That creates an email threaded conversation working to get your issue resolved. Just about any time of day and any day of the week, you can expect someone to get back to you in 2 or 3 hours. You are dealing with very competent support team members that can quickly address your issue. If they cannot, they will escalate issues to more knowledgeable team members. This is one of the highlights of working with them.

Keap has chat and phone support. You can also give them a phone call and the wait times are pretty good. Keap support isn't just there to handle problems. They are very good and giving you guidance and advice on how to use Keap features. If something isn't working for you, they will take a look and give a recommended way of doing it instead. When working with my own customers, I always recommend they start using Keap support as soon as possible. They can call us, of course, but the Keap support team is a really big help.

Support with WooCommerce depends. When you submit a ticket reporting an issue, they get back to you in a few days. The time they get back to you depends on their workload. It typically takes some back and forth to get to the bottom of a problem. If you purchase WooCommerce add-ons that are not built by WooCommerce, this can become a bigger issue. You could have WooCommerce saying the problem is with an add-on. Then you have to see how to coordinate this back and forth. It can get complicated.


In future articles, I will cover other topics comparing these two platforms.