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Memberium Expert on When Memberium is the Right Solution for You

Memberium Expert on Upgrading your Site to Memberium

My Memberium expert team and I build plenty of online course and membership sites. We have developed Memberium expert skills using Wordpress and use learning management system (LMS) plugins for the teaching content. And for the right customer, Memberium becomes an important part of the mix.

As a Memberium Certified Agency Partner, we understand not everyone needs Memberium, but building your online learning and/or membership site with Memberium (and a great benefit is to work with a Memberium expert team like ours) makes it so much easier. It definitely gives you more powerful options for improving how your site works.

Memberium Expert on Building Your First Site

When building your first online course site, we recommend using LearnDash. It's great f0r organizing course materials and making your courses available online. It offers quiz functions and everything you could want for your online course.

LearnDash provides some very basic (almost too basic) e-commerce features. We steer people away from that recommending WooCommerce instead. It's tightly integrated with LearnDash. It's inexpensive and provides all the e-commerce features you could possibly need. Together, LearnDash and WooCommerce provide a set of tools that serves you well as you get started and supports your needs long term.

Memberium Expert Tells You When Memberium Is the Right Choice

We get this question a lot, "When is Memberium right for me?"

Many business owners opt for Memberium because they are Keap or ActiveCampaign users and now want to launch a membership or online course site. Other business owners already have an online course site. They use an  (LMS) like LearnDash (Note: LearnDash is our recommended LMS). They use a membership plugin like Memberpress or another Wordpress based membership plugin.  They have now decided they want to make use of automation features made available by Keap or ActiveCampaign and they need their site to communicate with these.

For these two scenarios, Memberium makes a lot of sense.

Memberium for your site gives you a lot of options when you when automation becomes important to you. It could be:

  • You want to do some marketing automation building sales funnels promoting your programs to potential customers.
  • Maybe you want to run campaigns to give people access to a free lead magnet (i.e. free offer).
  • You may want to give potential customers free access to the first few lessons of a course. That would be a try and buy offer to tempt a buy to buy your complete program.

It's possible you want the ability to track student progress. You want to know how far along members are in your course content. That allows you to send them messages to encourage them or take corrective action if you see they are falling behind.  Suppose you want to offer students the next program in your learning curriculum. As they approach the last few lessons in their course, you can promote the next course in the curriculum. Once they finish lesson 8 of 10, for example, you could display a banner recommending they consider course 9, the next course in the series

What Memberium does is allow you to connect your Wordpress site to a CRM. Both Keap and ActiveCampaign are excellent platforms with pros and cons that make one better for some small businesses versus others.  Memberium provides the connection between the two.

If you have have started on a LearnDash / WooCommerce configuration, like I mentioned before, enhancing your site using Memberium is straightforward. It enables you to tightly integrate your CRM with your site.  NOTE: Towards the end of this article, I explain how to allow users to continue using their same Wordpress login credentials to login after you move to Memberium. Memberium allow you to do that so customers never need to change their login credentials.

Like I said, the technical steps required to make using of Memberium are straight forward. What it does is open you up to endless possibilities made possible by the CRM system. My team and I are expert Keap and ActiveCampaign consultants. I am a Keap Certified Consultant and am authorized to sell Keap to customers (at the same prices charged by Keap if you buy it directly from them.) With that combination of platforms, now you have so many more marketing features for promoting your services, automation features for reducing manual work required to run your online courses and opportunities to engage your students in ways you just couldn't with your Wordpress only platform.

How Do I Migrate My Users from Wordpress?

The question they ask me is, "Do my members need to reselect a new password?" Wordpress passwords are encrypted so they are safe and protected. You can't just  download users with the passwords out of Wordpress and upload them to Infusionsoft. This is a good thing. If Memberium could do that so could hackers wanting to get at your member's password. Their concern then is do they need to go through the process of having all their members get new login credentials. That's a big customer service headache.

If you visit Memberium's MemberPress to Memberium Migration articles, you'll get Memberium's step-by-step for MemberPress to Memberium / Infusionsoft migration. You follow a similar process if you are moving from other platforms other than MemberPress.

What I want to point out is that Memberium does allow members to continue using the same login credentials. Here is how.

Like I said before, Wordpress encrypts user passwords so it doesn't allow Memberium to view user passwords.  However, during the login process and only after a members successfully logs in, plugins like Memberium that make use of hooks provided by Wordpress can see the password.

So to migrate users from Wordpress to Memberium, you export all the users out of Wordpress and you upload them to Infusionsoft. That means that you have all your users listed in both the Wordpress user tables and in Infusionsoft. You tag them in Infusionsoft so they have access to all their content. Then, since you don't have their password, you enter the string of characters PASSWORD_PLACEHOLDER into Infusionsoft's custom field where the Memberium password is kept. That string of characters signals to Memberium that it wants the member's password copied to the Infusionsoft custom field.

When you first launch your new Memberium membership site, all members will have that PASSWORD_PLACEHOLDER string in the password field. Then one by one as members login, the string gets replaced with the member's Wordpress password. It happens very elegantly.

I'm hoping this answers this questions for the people planning a migration. Let me know if there are other questions you'd like me to answer for you.