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3 Memberium ActiveCampaign Expert Ideas for Taking Your LearnDash Site to the Next Level

Memberium ActiveCampaign Expert Ideas

We typically recommend building for you first LearnDash site using WooCommerce for e-commerce. Your customers purchase your membership or online course using WooCommerce. That gets you a decent starting platform for launching your site.

If you have that running nicely, a next step to consider is to bring in a CRM tool. Here are some ideas from my Memberium ActiveCampaign basket of ideas I think can be a big help. These ideas can help you better market your offerings.

For example:

  • You can improve how you offer free trials to your members.
  • You can email and text members enticing them to learn more and tempting them to make another purchase.
  • You can promote other offerings based on you know about can know a LOT about them.

You can then take very real action using real data and not just a gut feel or hunch.

In this video, I go over some Memberium ActiveCampaign expert ideas for taking your site to the next level.

  • Memberium ActiveCampaign Idea #1 - Start a Conversation

  • Memberium ActiveCampaign Idea #2 - Track What Your Members Do

  • Memberium ActiveCampaign Idea #3 - Connect with Your Customers in a Very Real Way