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Memberium Developer – Here’s the One Thing You Must Do Make Your Online Course Site a Success

Memberrium Developer

As a Memberium developer with a team specializing in building Memeberium, Keap, ActiveCampaign, LearnDash sites with the add-ons that make the most of these platforms, we HIGHLY recommend this one thing. Of course, the technology has to be good. The member experience on your website has to exceed expectation. There are a lot of things that make it a great performing site. However, the MOST important thing it must do is...

it must address a specific problem your audience needs solved.

This is probably not what you expected to hear from a Memberium developer with the technical slant of our team. I will go back and repeat this. Above everything else, your course and all your promotional efforts to get people into your course must focus on how your course solves a problem.

Memberium Developer - What is solving a problem so important?

The reason I stress this like I do is because getting your course noticed is going to be your biggest challenge. There is so much competition out there. Anyone looking for the solution you sell isn't searching for "A Course on Subject X." They are searching for a solution to their problem. For example, they are not likely going to search for "Everything You Need to Know About Pickleball." That's not a typical search. They might be searching for, "How do I learn the rules of Pickleball" or "What are the rules for serving in Pickleball."

We have to put ourselves in our potential buyers head and think about the challenges they face and position our course as a solution to their challenge.

This doesn't mean you have to go back and rebuild your course. You may have to make adjustments or pull out a few lessons from your course and make that one part fully focused on problem solving. If they go through your initial course and they get a win from taking it, then they may want to take another step and get your "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pickleball" program, but it's the first step that's going to get you noticed.

Remember, if you cannot attract your buyers from the start, they'll never see how brilliant you are and want to learn from you.