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5 Metrics to Track for Your LearnDash Expert Course

LearnDash Expert

As a LearnDash expert spending a lot of time with customers building their online courses, measuring the success of these courses becomes extremely important. You must gather and measure  your course metrics and use them to address what your learning audience most needs. This is critical because otherwise your members leave your site and you never know what it is that drove them away.

I read an article from another LearnDash expert Alexis Bryan called 10 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Course and thought I would give my additions on a few of the ways I thought were most valuable.

  1. Track course completion
  2. Follow student progress
  3. Monitor interaction and engagement
  4. Send exit surveys or polls
  5. Read reviews and testimonials

Let’s go over these one by one.

1. Track percentage of learners that complete your courses

Course completion sounds a big obvious. You, of course, want to see that your learners are completing your course. Shooting for a 100% completion rate is not realistic, but a number that is high is a good sign that the course was valuable to them.  There will always be those that never finish, but it’s still a good idea to see how many learners make it to the end. These are people that spent their money so they were a good enough match with what you sold them to make the purchase.

If they purchased the course and had difficulty completing it, this is something you want to understand well and make adjustments accordingly.

2. Track pace at which students flow through you courses

You want to under a good understanding of how long students take to get through your course. You want to have visibility into their pace as they start and the time it takes them to get through specific parts of your course. Are there places where they get stuck? Are their parts of your course that are overfilled with content? Are their sections that are boring and causes your learners to lose interest?

Keep tabs on what and how many lessons are started, how long each takes to complete, and how quickly they advance through the course. Learners should be engaged yet challenged, so make sure they’re not advancing too fast or slow.

3. Monitor interaction and engagement

If you site has features for tracking engagement or gamification, watch them closely.  It can reveal how active your learners are in your courses. Alternatively, visit discussion boards, social media groups, and other forums. You’ll see firsthand how many and how often learners are interacting with one another.

4. Send exit surveys and polls

If you’re not already doing this, consider sending surveys and polls during and after a course. This is a  great way to measure success. This is direct feedback from learners.

While learners are still taking the course, keep surveys and polls brief. Make it one-click, such as a thumbs up or down.

At the end of the course, you can send a longer survey asking them to rate the course, explain what they liked most, and whether they would recommend it.

5. Read reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are the best way to learn how your course was perceived. They’re also a great way to gather feedback, find specific areas of improvement, and measure your course success.

If learners don’t voluntarily leave feedback, ask for it using a tool like the LearnDash Course Reviews add-on. They’ll be more likely to leave a review. Be sure to check social media for informal feedback and reviews, too.

Measuring the success and effectiveness of your online course is vital to achieving your goals. You should do so by using multiple measuring methods and keeping tabs on important metrics.

For more robust and easier measuring, consider making use of LearnDash's ProPanel or Tincanny Reporting for LearnDash. Both give you great visibility into what's happening in your course. The information it provides is more detailed than a lot of people expect. These let you track things like enrollments, pending assignments, and real-time activity. You can use filters to find the results you need and use the Reporting tool for visual data. Explore the demo to try LearnDash LMS and ProPanel today!