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AccessAlly Membership Websites: Put Your Lead Magnets on Steroids

You can benefit big time by delivering your lead magnets via an AccessAlly membership website.  It's like injecting yourself with steroids or hormones to pump you up.   The user experience improves and you can greatly improve conversions.

Let me show you how this works.  I'll be explaining:

  • how delivering via a membership site compares to the traditional way,
  • how the member experience improves, and
  • how you can use selling feature to convert leads.

Step one in making a lead magnet available requires setting up an opt-in or squeeze page.  You have a web form there for people to enter their name and email address.  What then happens is you get your lead magnet by clicking a link in the email message they send you.

How does your membership site change this?

Delivering via a membership website differs only slightly at the start.  Instead of the link we sent them before, we now send them an auto login link.  This link logs them into the membership site landing them on the page to get their lead magnet.  Your visitor won't notice the difference between the two and you get the benefits that come with displaying your lead magnet on an AccessAlly membership site.

In this new set up, you get Infusionsoft tagging, segmenting and everything that comes with it.  It gives you access to all the information about what the visitor so you can tailor how you respond accordingly.

Let me give you an example.

If you have an article that delivers a sequence of messages in a list, you'll see they use titles like:

  • 20 Day Maximize Results Online Challenge
  • 10 Steps for Losing Weight Even If You Have Tried Everything
  • 30 Day List Building Challenge

What you do for these is you send an email message to them daily with that day's content.   In this alternative I'm suggesting, the email link takes them to page on your AccessAlly membership website.  That's where they get the day's content.

What we've seen work well is you set up a menu bar on the left side of the page.  In the menu bar, you add menu items for accessing each day's content. So it would display Day One, Day Two, Day Three and so one.  On day one, the auto login link takes them to a page with the content for day one.  That first day only shows the sidebar menu item for day one.

On day two, the link in the email takes the content for day two.   The menu bar items grow as the days pass.   After several days, they'll have a left menu bar menu with links to each of the day contents they have received.

This makes for a much improved user experience. You can allow people to search the content on the site.  That keeps them from having to search through folders in the email system.   The biggest benefits is the additional marketing opportunities this provides you.

This set up now has people visiting your site daily.  Here's your chance to sell them.   You can offer them additional free content.   A good way to display selectors for this other material is to show them with a grey-ed out image or an image with a padlock icon.  Someone clicking these items get to a sales page.  You're dangling before their eyes something they want to see if they'll take it.

If they do take the offer, you know something more about them.  You are collecting information about them and seeing what it is that interests them.  Then you can customize emails you sent them, the content they see on the site and maybe event the banner ads you display to them on the site.  You have that kind of control to maximize your chance of selling them.

You can give them a tripwire or low priced item.  You want to test to see if they will spend money demonstrating they are more than just casually interested.  This better qualifies them providing you with revenue and intelligence you can use to upsell them later.

So consider using a membership site for delivering your lead magnets .  It provides you with so many revenue generating options and enables you to meet the needs of your paying audience more effectively.