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Membership Sites: It’s Like Steroids for Lead Magnets

There are huge benefits and I mean steroid injected, inflated benefits to be had using a membership site to deliver lead magnets.   The user experience improves and opportunities for improved conversions takes a big step up.

Let me walk you through this step-by-step and explain:

  • how using a membership site compares to the traditional way you of deliver lead magnets,
  • what your members experience using this new approach, and
  • the possibilities it opens up for converting contacts into paying customers.

The process begins with an opt-in or squeeze page.  It displays a form where visitors enter their name and email address in order to get what you're offering them.  In the traditional scenario, the system delivers the lead magnet by sending an email message with a link to the lead magnet.

If the point was to get them the lead magnet, you'd be done.  I wouldn't suggest you change a thing.  But the point is to convert them to paying customers.  We need to make some money, right?

My membership website recommendation means changing the link we send them from a standard clickable link to a membership site auto login link.  This new link automatically logs them into a membership site and lands them on the page where they get the lead magnet.  The visitors won't notice the difference and you now have them fully logged into a membership site where you have serious intelligence and features for selling.

This logging into a membership site means your are connected to Infusionsoft.  Behind the scenes you have access to information about what the visitor has done and can use that to customize the experience for each visitor.

Here's an example illustrating the power.

You often see offers on the net with titles like:

  • 20 Day Behaving Boldly Challenge
  • 10 Brilliant Ideas for Converting Leads into Paying Customers
  • 30 Day List Building Challenge

What typically happens with these offers is you send an email message every day after they sign up providing the day's content.  Instead of just emailing them the content, you now land them on a page of the site with the day's content.

You create a set of pages on the membership site with each day's lesson.  On the left side, you create a menu where members can select day 1, day 2, day 3, etc.  On day one, you send them an auto login link that lands them on a page with an overview explaining what to expect along with day one's content.   That first day only shows the sidebar menu item for day 1.

On day 2, the email (with a similar auto login link) takes them to the day 2 content.   The sidebar menu now show menu items "Day 1" and "Day 2."   They can use the "Day 1" menu item to get to the previous day's content. After several days, they'll have a left menu bar with menu items for each day.  They can easily use that to gain access to each day's content.

This is clearly an upgrade to the traditional user experience and this reflects positively on you.  Instead of searching through their email for a previous day's content, they have the content all available in one place.  You can make it searchable if you like.  But the real benefits lie in the additional marketing and upselling you can do.

Since you now have someone visiting your site daily, you now put your upselling tactics to work.   You can offer additional free content that might interest them.  These additional lead magnets or paid courses would be displayed in grey or with a padlock icon.  If the person clicks on the item, they are taken to the sale page.  The point is to hang forbidden fruit before them and tempt them to explore.

If they do take the offer, you tag them.  Now you are segmenting them based on behavior.  You are gathering information knowing that member X likes Y and Z.  You can use that to customize your email messages to them.  You can consider customizing the content that appears on the site.  You can change the offers, banner ads or anything so things are customized for them.

You are in the perfect situation to offer them a tripwire or low priced item.  Provide them an initial product they can buy that gets them to admit have have more than a passing interest.  Are they are willing to pay $7, $27, $99 maybe $199?  This now qualifies them providing you with some revenue, but more importantly an upsell path.

A package you can offer them is to deliver all 10 or 20 or 30 days worth of content right away.   If your list is giving them the steps for building something, getting it immediately might be something they will buy.

So a membership site for delivering lead magnets is an idea to consider.  It provides you with so many revenue generating options and enables you to meet the needs of your paying audience more effectively.

Hope this helps.