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AccessAlly: Make your Lead Magnets the Strong Man for Halloween

There is a lot to gain by delivering your lead magnets via an AccessAlly membership website.  It's like dressing up like the strong man for Halloween.  "You look big and strong like Arnold." (You have to be old enough to remember when Arnold was THE body builder to beat.)

With lead magnets built like this, you can greatly improve conversions.

Here is what I'm going to explain.

  • How delivering via a membership site compares to the traditional way,
  • How the member experience improves, and
  • How you can use selling feature to convert leads.

Step one in any sales funnel is setting up your opt-in landing page.  The page has a web form where people enter their name and email address.  The goal is to offer them something interesting, you lead magnet, and you get it to them via an email message with a link to it.

What does using AccessAlly do to this formula?

It changes only a little bit in this first step.  In the traditional approach, you send them the link in the email.  What changes is the link is now an auto login link.  This link logs them into AccessAlly landing them on page where you give them the lead magnet.  Unless you visitors are paying close attention, they won't notice they've been logged in.

In this new set up, AccessAlly communicates with Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign or whatever backend CRM you are using to apply tags, segmententation and everything that comes with membership sites and a CRM.  You can collect this information so you can improve how you respond to them vs. responding to everyone the same way.

Let me give you an example.

If you have a a challenge, this works really well. Think of something like:

  • 20 Day Maximize Results Online Challenge
  • 10 Steps for Losing Weight Even If You Have Tried Everything
  • 30 Day List Building Challenge

Typically in a challenge like this, you send them out an daily email with the day's challenge content. In an AccessAlly setup, you send them to pages that every day has that days challenge content.

What works really well is displaying a menu on the left sidebar starting with "Day 1," "Day 2," "Day 3," etc.

On day two, the link in the email takes the content for day two.   The menu bar items grows as the days pass.   After several days, they'll have a left menu bar menu with links to each of the day contents they have received.  That's really convenient so the person can go back to the previous day's content.

A big improvement is it keeps them from having to search through folders in the email system to find previous days content.   The biggest benefit comes from the  marketing opportunities it makes available to you.

This set up now has people visiting your site daily.  Here's your chance to sell them.   You can offer them additional free content.   A good way to display selectors for this other material is to show them with a grey-ed out image or an image with a padlock icon.  Someone clicking these items get to a sales page.  You're dangling before their eyes something they want to see if they'll take it.

If they do take the offer, you know something more about them.  You are collecting information about them and seeing what it is that interests them.  Then you can customize emails you sent them, the content they see on the site and maybe event the banner ads you display to them on the site.  You have that kind of control to maximize your chance of selling them.

You can give them a tripwire or low priced item.  You want to test to see if they will spend money demonstrating they are more than just casually interested.  This better qualifies them providing you with revenue and intelligence you can use to upsell them later.

So consider using a membership site for delivering your lead magnets .  It provides you with so many revenue generating options and enables you to meet the needs of your paying audience more effectively.