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Infusionsoft Expert Advice: Why Use Infusionsoft on Your Membership Site?

As a long time Infusionsoft expert with a lot of experience building membership and online course sites, I want to answer the questions, "Why do I need Infusionsoft if I have BuddyBoss, LearnDash and Wordpress? I already have a great platform for building my solution."

That's great answer, but let me explain what you may be missing.

Infusionsoft Expert Insight #1

Infusionsoft expert teams building membership sites rely on two tools when working with Infusionsoft. Those tools are Memberium and AccessAlly. They are both Wordpress membership site platforms that were built from the ground up to work with Infusionsoft. They both also support ActiveCampaign. I've written an article comparing the two. If you want more information on those two, read that article to assist in selecting the right one for you.


Infusionsoft Expert Insight #2

Infusionsoft provides you with e-commerce features. Both BuddyBoss and LearnDash provide for e-commerce. You can Infusionsoft to accept payments via credit /debit card and PayPal. They also support Stripe and any merchant account that support

With this, you can sell a course and automatically give members access to your learning program. Here are the kind of scenarios you can support with it:

  • You want to sell your courses by themselves or packaged together.
  • You want to give a free trial or access to an initial set of trial lessons before selling them the whole course.
  • You want to upsell a member and want to select the best next offer based on what they have done on the site.

You can do some of these without Infusionsoft, but it would be pretty difficult to configure. These are the kind of solutions that Infusionsoft (with the help of Memberium) can do without much effort.

Infusionsoft Expert Insight #3

What a lot of new membership site or online course builders find is they the information they need to make decisions. They end of having to make assumptions and going on gut instinct which is NOT the way to run a business. Maybe it's the engineer in me, but I like running of hard facts.

Think of how valuable information like the following can be:

  • What percentage of my users login the first week after they buy?
  • Are my users consuming my learning content at the expected pace? Are they falling behind?
  • What other content on my site is my learning visiting? What behavior are they taking that indicates they are interested in buying?

When your site is integrated with Infusionsoft getting at information like this is straightforward. You can monitor their every move and track it. Then you can use that to automate how you respond to learners.

This is what I want so you are making decisions based on what is really happening on your site.

Infusionsoft Expert Insight #4

Infusionsoft is the ultimate creeping tool.  It allows you to watch and track everything you learners do on your site and use that to improve the learning experience, improve sales, promote content that isn't being appreciated, etc.

Suppose you have a course that allows members to access course lessons in any order they like.  You can use Infusionsoft to track which lesson are the ones that are in most demand. If there is a really good lesson that people aren't accessing, you can take action to either make it more prominent or by promoting it some other way on your site.

This is only one way you can use this information, but Infusionsoft provides you with the features you need for doing this.

Infusionsoft Expert Insight #5

We recently built a solution that leads to a certification. This leads to a certification by a governing body.  Think of the way the bar tracks learning credits for attorneys in each state.

Infusionsoft allows you to interact with outside system. When someone getting certified passes a test, you can communicate with that outside system and report on it. This keeps you from having to manually report on that saving you a lot of administrative work that could be done by the system.