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BuddyBoss Consultant Describes the Perfect Facebook Group Alternative

Sure Facebook Groups Are Easy, But Is It What Your Really Need?

I run an agency that does online marketing for small businesses. We have a strong BuddyBoss consultant team and will work 1 or 2 BuddyBoss projects a month. Right now we've seen a big demand for these and have 4 in the works. The team and I started working with BuddyBoss several years back. They released the first version focused on learning communities with their "Social Learner for LearnDash" product. LearnDash was and still is our Learning Management System (LMS) of choice, so experimenting and learning how related solutions works is part of what we do.

When we started using BuddyBoss, we immediately saw the potential. It's now a favorite BuddyBoss consultant tool and a good number of small business owners depend on us to build these for them.

If you've researched learning communities, you have likely seen how pairing your online courses with a membership site that offers a community enhances the learning process. It works to reduce the number of people that fail to finish and increases how many people make it to the end. Think of it as your own Facebook group where your members, and your members only can discuss and exchange ideas. It converts these lonely, completely on their own learners in a pack that can support and encourage each other through the process. The added benefit is members support each other reducing the resources needed to provide customer service..

As a BuddyBoss Expert, I fully endorse adding a community features to your learning site. Add the ability for your members to interact with each other is a big step up.

BuddyBoss Consultant Explains How It Works

Buddyboss is made up of two products. You have the BuddyBoss Wordpress Theme and BuddyBoss Platform Pro. When you make your purchase (and you can buy it from us), you get a theme the is built to work really well with the BuddyBoss Platform.  They package the Theme and the Platform together so you don't have to when you go and buy "BuddyBoss."

BuddyBoss is a Facebook Group replacement. Talk to people who use Facebook groups and you'll different things,

  • Facebook is is right for us. Potential clients use it so you have a built in audience.
  • Facebook is toxic. It has so many things to side track our users.
  • Facebook group formats our data so we can't organize it the way we need to.

The explanations vary. It works well for a lot of people, but it's a problem for others.

BuddyBoss Consultant Compares BuddyBoss to Facebook Groups

BuddyBoss' solution is focused on:

  • supporting learning as a group;
  • giving people natural ways to interact with each other; and
  • keeping people learning and moving along your program.

BuddyBoss gives you the power of Wordpress. You can organize your content any way you like. You aren't really limited in what you can do.  You can put the Wordpress discussion and commenting features to use. It can be configures so any member can talk all your members. You can also configure it so members must first approve connecting with another person before you can message them. That's a practical way to allow people their privacy if that is what they want.

Each member can message others that have agreed to connect with them. The messaging feature is similar to Facebook Messenger.

If you are interested in creating your own community and not have to depend on Facebook groups so you maintain full control of your environment and content, BuddyBoss gets you that.  It's designed to give you extensive social media features. Our experience is it works really well.

Hope this helps!