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AccessAlly: Are You Up for a Profitable Challenge?

AccessAlly is NOT just for delivering online courses and membership site.  It provides a platform for delivering lead magnets that keep new opt-ins engaged and connected.  Nathalie Lussier and her team AccessAlly team recommend an innovative alternative to the traditional approach.  You move away from just getting someone's email address and follow up with email.  You instead get their permission to deliver content over a longer period of time that keeps them engaged with you building those ties.

The AccessAlly team have some up with their The Login Optin™ Strategy and it's this different approach here.  Note that it's a trademarked strategy.

What AccessAlly recommends is that you offer a lead magnet as a mini-course.  You drip it out to to those that opt-in over several days.  You build a mini-course or a challenge that takes 10, 15, 30 days to complete.  The goal is to offer a lot of really good content to consume over a period of time.   This is very different from a one time e-book, PDF or video you send them.  In order to get what it is they want, these new contacts must come back to your site over and over again.

This recommendation AccessAlly makes changes everything.  You are NOT sending them one email with a link to their lead magnet that you then follow up with additional emails for nurturing.  You are sending them exactly what they requested when they opted into your webform.  You send them a multi-day dripped out set of email messages that together get your new contact what they requested.

NOTE:  You European Union types may want to run this by your lawyer.  This approach should comply with the new GDPR rules that go into effect soon.

To offer an example, you can go to Nathalie's 30 Day List Building Challenge.  It's a prime example of putting this idea from her The Login Optin™ Strategy to work for you.   I offer my mini-course called, "Building and Selling Your Online Course PROFITABLY" which you can sign up for at  I have followed her approach and explain how it works below.

My mini-course has five lessons.  Each lesson has a short video which runs about 5 minutes and includes some additional copy.  On day one, I send out two emails.  The first points to the overview.  The second one points to lesson 1.  I then send them an email daily taking them to lesson 2, 3 and 4.

These together deliver the mini-course which they overtly requested.  I'm not just sending them some SPAM.  I asked them permission and followed that up with 5 email messages.

Now I have them coming to my membership site daily for a week.  So it's time to offer them something else.  I provide them with a section of the site dedicated to showing off our membership site portfolio.  I provide them access to video tours of seven different membership sites we have built.  They can request free access to the portfolio by clicking a button.  I also provide FREE access to a second mini-course called "7 Guiding Principles for Building Your Membership Site."

There is plenty there to keep them learning and getting to know our business and what we can potentially offer them in the way of services.

This Nathalie Lussier AccessAlly way of doing business is well thought through with methodologies that go well page just delivering online courses.  It takes marketing to a whole new level using membership site technology in a whole new way.

Hope this helps!