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Should You Really Be Doing That?

You as a business owner are best suited for the tasks that make use of your top talents and strongest skills.   It should be the work you most enjoy doing.   If you are great at setting your team's vision, get out of administrative work.  (The owner should never be doing admin work anyway.)  If you're great a sales and marketing, get yourself out of service delivery.  Find someone else to do that.  (Many owners that have done this are surprised to find someone that does a better job of it than they ever could.  (Yes, you aren't the end all end all.)

Not dealing with this specific issue and not delegating responsibilities properly is huge blow to many small businesses.  What happens is the owner becomes the roadblock holding everything back keeping it from moving forward.  (I have to remind myself of this daily and work at completely breaking the habit of NOT delegating.)

Building Infusionsoft campaigns and working with Infusionsoft to get the business the marketing automation it needs often becomes one of these.  I've seen business owners come up with some pretty elaborate campaigns.  The get the vision and then go to work to implement it.  I've seen many of these efforts suck a lot of time out of the owner's schedule.  This was done at the expense of something else the owner could have been doing.   What usually happens, and I've seen this over and over again, is these campaigns these owners build fall short of what they really needed.  That's because it was the owners first time building Infusionsoft campaigns.  They didn't have the necessary experience to do that and they lacked a good understanding of best practices.

Others get outside help to build Infusionsoft campaigns and they have automated their business well.  The get the vision and all the benefits it can bring to their business.  They don’t have time or team members to do the administrative work needed to keep the system going.  The don't have time to:

  • add new contacts into the system,
  • assign them to the right campaigns follow up sequences and
  • review reports showing them where a contact is in their sales pipeline.

We started offering the Larry's Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant services to address this.  The service assigns you a virtual assistant that knows Infusionsoft, Wordpress and membership site (if you need that) and has worked many projects using these technologies.  The get best practices and they have access to other team members here at LJIM.  This enables them to leverage the collective knowledge we have on our team for our VA services clients.

The result is you get someone on your team that gets Infusionsoft working so you get results.

Here’s how our engagements work:

  • We set you up with a weekly bank of hours starting at a minimum 10 hours a week.
  • We start off with a one-hour conference call with both your assigned virtual assistant and your Larry Jacob account rep to discuss your needs. (This meeting is provided for free of charge not tapping into your block of hours.)
  • Your virtual assistant  goes to work for you.

It’s that simple. After that, your virtual assistant takes care of the Infusionsoft tasks  you need done and they’re available via phone call, email, Skype or Zoom to communicate as needed.

Contact us to discuss this further.