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AccessAlly Site Designs That Work Much Better Than Others

If you want an AccessAlly website to get results for your business, you are going to need two and possibly three different websites working together to best serve your business.  "Are you crazy???" you might be thinking.  "Yes.  You heard me right."  Let me explain because this makes a lot more sense than you might think.

You are, of course, going to need your www site.  It's the website people visit to learn about you and your business.  You're going to have an about us, a contact us.  You'll likely have pages that introduce your team.  You typically have a description of the services and products you sell.

The services or products section of the site will provide a list of what you offer.  Each one leads you to another page where we provide a more detailed write up for that service.  It doesn't have to be where people see a price and buy, but it could be.

People visiting this site are looking to learn more about you.  They are seeing if you are the right provider for what it is they need.  They may be visiting your site to compare what you do with what they have learned about others.  You can provide a free giveaway or lead magnet for those that visit you to get their email address and begin an email follow up sequence.

I recommend building a second site as a landing page site.  If you work with LeadPages, ClickFunnels or some other sales or opt-in page builder, this site does that those services do.  We are a big fan of ThriveThemes which includes a very complete library of sales and opt-in page templates.

If you configure this as a standalone WordPress installation, you can use a domain like lp.(your domain).com and with a theme like ThriveThemes you have all you need.

You are building two sites so far, each in its own WordPress installation focused on doing one thing.

So you might be asking, "What does this have to do with membership sites?"  My answer is, "EVERYTHING!!"  This is important. You need a platform that supports you as you promote what you offer via your membership website.

Your www site can have a button  that says, "Login" or "Member Login."  That will provide you a link so members can arrive at your AccessAlly login page where they login to get the content they purchased.

We recommend you install your AccessAlly membership website at "members.(your domain).com" or something similar.

Now that I've given you a general overview of our recommendation, watch the video below.  In it, I review several client examples following this model. A picture is worth a thousand words so here we go.