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AccessAlly Team Feature Is a Versatile Option to Consider

I got Nathalie Lussier to give me a demo of the new AccessAlly Team membership feature and found it to be a good implementation for online course builders wanting to offer group memberships.  The basic online course offering enables you to sell one membership to one person.  They opt-in for the program or purchase the program and they receive a single set of credentials to use.

What if you have a team be it a corporate team, a family or a group of people making one purchase?  With the AccessAlly Team membership feature, you an sell them a block of membership.  The person getting the membership becomes the administrator and can then manage the remaining memberships.  They can enroll the other team members and each of these members have the same course access as the administrator.

There are a lot of ways you can use this.  Watch my talk with Nathalie so you can learn more about this cool AccessAlly feature and how you might use it for your business.