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Surprise New Feature in LearnDash’s Latest Release

Take a look at Justin Ferriman's LearnDash announcement yesterday.  He revealed their new LearnDash 3.2 and its new membership features.

This is a big deal!!!

Given that our team's specialty is building membership sites for Infusionsoft users, we originally came to LearnDash for it's strong learning management system (LMS) features.  It has features for organizing your course content and quizzing building features which are top-notch.  These are a great complement to tools like Memberium that don't offer LMS function.

LearnDash already had features enabling you to sell courses individually.  In simple cases, this eliminated the need for any outside e-commerce tools to make the sale.  These enable members to purchase individual courses using Stripe, PayPal, and  WooCommerce.  It did NOT provide the ability to give them access to additional resources like a category of blog articles, related resources, or other content that doesn't naturally fit into the course itself.

The LearnDash 3.2 release extends LearnDash groups so you can now make that same purchase and give those members access to other WordPress content specific pages of content and non-course related videos.  You are limited only to what WordPress can do.

The 3.2 release also extends LearnDash groups to include subgroups which opens up some additional possibilities.  It also has features enabling LearnDash group leaders to give group leaders the ability to not only create their own courses, but to assign those courses to their teams.

I'm going to be experimenting with this new set of LearnDash features in the coming weeks and will be publishing additional articles illustrating how these can be put to work in your LearnDash enabled site.

Hope this helps!