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PlusThis Releases Some New Infusionsoft Features

Defining Infusionsoft Success - Episode 78
Guest: Bryce Christiansen

PlusThis is an Infusionsoft Add-on (or toolbox as I like to call it) providing needed features Infusionsoft users commonly need. They provide Video Tagging, GoToWebinar Connection, Facebook Retargeting and 50+ more.

In this episode of "Defining Infusionsoft Success," Jorge interviews Bryce Christiansen and the go over three new features PlusThis recently released. They are Add to Calendar Link, Action Links, and Contacts Creator. Bryce gives us an overview of these features and how to best use them. They also discuss some future enhancements they are planning to release in the near future.

To contact Bryce and learn more about PlusThis, visit their site at