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Memberium LearnDash Gurus: How Do I Find a Really Good One?

Memberium and LearnDash are valuable tools for Infusionsoft owners building an online course.  I have business owners coming to me wanting a team to work with them on it.  I hear them telling me, it's complicated.  They are looking for a Memberium LearnDash knowledgeable provider and deep down inside they are asking themselves,"Will this providerguide me right?  Will they deliver like they say they can?  Will they get me what I need for the price they quote me and the schedule they give me?"

To better understand this buyer, I ran a marketing survey recently which included the question, “What is your biggest challenge when selecting a membership site provider?” Here are some of the answers I got:

  • “I don’t know what it takes to build one [a membership site] and what I can expect from a provider.”
  • “…I would need someone to help me understand where to even start.”
  • “…my biggest concern is having the budget continually grow as the project goes along.”
  • “…hiring someone to do something like this and spending more than necessary.”

When I first talk to business owners who already have Infusionsoft and are now wanting to make use of Memberium and LearnDash to build their online courses,  I can sense their concern.   These are typically business owners who are:

  • Wanting to go online with the same in-person course materials they use today,
  • Looking for ways to service more clients without hiring more staff or
  • Wanting to reduce the travel needed by their current in-person deliver of their services.

What my marketing research made clear to me is that when taking on a Memberium / LearnDash course, even an experienced Infusionsoft user is intimidated.  Hiring the right team and vetting them to see if they are capable, trustworthy and a good match for what they need can be overwhelming.

What makes matters worse in what the process reminds the buyer.  The selection process for selecting a vendor reminds a lot of people of past mistakes picking the a vendor.  Most people especially when selecting technology providers can look back on experiences where the tech team that picked didn't or couldn't deliver.  So now they take on this experience and it feels similar.  So it makes this buying process difficult, stressful filled with concern, suspicion and anxiety.

If you are in the process of selecting a Memberium / LearnDash provider, even if it's not a stress filled experience, this resource is a good one to look over.  It’s our FREE mini-course called, “Building and Selling Your Online Course PROFITABLY.”  It a 5 lesson video mini-course that takes 20 minutes to complete.  It gives a high level walk through of the issues you and your provider need to address.  It goes over an approach, a road map, or checklist for getting your project moving forward successfully.

My goal is to demystify the online course building process and enable for Memberium / LearnDash users to move forward a bit more confidently as they work to select their provider.